Wedding band lost in Penticton Channel 17 years ago returned to owners

Wedding band lost in Penticton Channel 17 years ago returned to owners ahead of 20th anniversary

A wedding band has been returned to a B.C. couple for a reunion 17 years in the making.

According to a news release from Penticton RCMP last month, the ring was found by a swimmer in the Penticton Channel on Aug. 18.

In an update Friday, Mounties shared that the men’s wedding band — which contained the inscription “NOEL LOVES STEPHANIE” — has since been returned to its rightful owners.

And the discovery of the sentimental piece of jewelry couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for the Kelowna couple.

“The wedding band was lost in the channel 17 years ago and this year will be their 20th anniversary,” said Const. Dayne Lyons.

Noel Nissen tells CTV News that he and his wife had decided to go for a float down the Penticton Channel one summer day nearly two decades ago. It wasn’t until they were heading back to their vehicle that they realized the ring was gone.

“We didn’t look for it because it was at the bottom of the channel and we had no idea where in the channel,” said Nissen. “The channel’s pretty long…it would have taken forever to find it.”

Instead, Nissen purchased a replacement ring for a fraction of the cost just in case he lost it again.

“Funny enough, that $50 ring lasted 17 years,” he said.

But Nissen never expected to see his original ring again.

“It feels like a surprise from God that it came back,” he said. “I was just completely blown away…it was just one of those crazy things you’d never expect in a million years.”

Nissen was also surprised at the condition the ring was in.

“It’s in awesome condition…maybe a little bit of wear and tear,” he said. “But it looks almost as good as when I first lost it…which is just shocking.”

Mounties previously put out a call to the public for help tracking down the pair, and are now thanking the community for their support.

“Penticton RCMP is grateful for all of the community’s help to return the ring to the couple. Happy 20th!” said Lyons.

“20 years ago…we were just these kids that got married and so in love,” said Nissen.

“And here we are 20 years later…our kids are almost grown up out of the house. It’s sort of this symbol of reconnection for the two of us as we’re entering this new stage of our lives.”