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Bridal jewellery is essential for completing the bridal look. Wedding jewellery can help make your bridal outfit look stunning and elevate it into the look you always wanted. Bridal jewellery is expensive and sometimes becomes difficult to pair and wear original jewellery to match your outfit completely. Brides are starting to choose imitation jewellery for their bridal outfits as these are lightweight, easy to wear and can be exuberant in style even on a budget. The beauty of imitation jewellery is that it will complete your look effortlessly and no one will be wiser for it. Perfect jewellery can be easily obtained online and in such a wide variety of designs and styles that the perfect bridal jewellery for women is not an impossible achievement anymore. Get a wide range of Kundan, artificial stones, pearls and more at your fingertips.

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The perfect traditional bridal jewellery set for weddings. This jewellery set from Peora will go perfectly with almost any bridal lehenga or saree. The beautiful set comes with Kundan and beads in a brass alloy metal base that is carefully and skilfully gold plated to make it look very polished and premium. The beautiful set comes with multiple pieces; A long chain, a choker necklace, earrings with chains, a nose ring with chain, haath phool, maang tikka with matha Patti and a side passa as well. The complete set is grand looking and bridal and perfect for your special day.

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This beautiful necklace set for women is the perfect pick for bridal jewellery for your upcoming wedding. The beautiful cocker necklace style neckpiece comes with a dangling pendant that adds glamour and luxury to your neckline by filling it up with Kundan and pearls in the most exuberant way. The zinc-manufactured necklace set comes with a 22K gold plating that is perfect for your big day. The beautiful set also contains 2 very intricate and detailed earrings along with a maang tikka that completes this entire set. Perfect for matching with any lehenga choli or saree, this set will complete your bridal look and give it a more glamorous and traditional feel.

This beautiful bridal wedding jewellery set for women comes in a beautiful combination of pink crystal stones with pearls and white stones all set in a gold-finished frame that looks very beautiful. The set comes with a choker necklace with matching earrings and a maang tikka. The earrings are dangler style and perfect for wedding outfits. The intricate and grand-looking jewellery set will match most traditional wedding outfits and will especially compliment royal blue and peacock green lehenga cholis. The beautiful necklace is a must-have and can be worn as separate pieces as well with multiple outfits over the years.

Sometimes a traditional-looking gold set is just what you need for your wedding outfit. This beautiful necklace set from Sukkhi is a wonderful and intricate one with detailed work all over. What’s more, this is not one set but two and both have their distinct features. Choker necklaces with matching earrings and maang tikkas are perfect for gifting as well. One comes with an intricate mesh detail with yellow stones while the other is crowned with pearls that look simply beautiful. Perfect for wedding outfits and can be worn as individual pieces of jewellery for smaller events.

Zaveri Pearls Green Bridal Kundan Set For Women

This beautiful wedding bridal jewellery set for women is one of our top picks. The intricate detailed 22K gold plated set comes with a combination of Kundan with green stones and pearls to create a regal-looking wedding bridal jewellery set. The beautiful necklace is strung with layers of Kundan and green stones crowed with pearls that will cover the entire neck area and draw attention to the grand-looking jewellery. The jewellery set for weddings comes with a choker necklace along with matching earrings, a maang tikka and a beautiful ring as well.

Peora Traditional Dulhan Bridal Wedding Jewellery Set for Women

This wedding bridal jewellery set from Peora is one of the grandest-looking jewellery sets for women. The beautiful set comes with a gorgeous long necklace with a huge pendant paired with a choker necklace that compliments it perfectly. To add to the pieces there are matching earrings, a maang tikka and a haath ka Phool which ends in a ring to complete the entire set. The whole jewellery set for women comes with green stones and beads set in a gold-plated brass alloy metal which provides a very sturdy framework which ensures the durability of the necklace. The beautiful gold and green combination will match any bridal outfit perfectly and look regal on your special day.

Lucky Jewellery Designer Gold Plated Dulhan Set for Women

The classic red and white stone combination comes in a gold-plated masterpiece with white pearls and intricate detailing that will instantly have your heart. The perfect choice for the traditional bride looking for traditional colours in her wedding jewellery. This beautiful set comes with a choker necklace paired with a maang tikka, dangler style earrings, nose ring with a chain and two very intricate bangle style haath phools that add to the glamour of his jewellery set for weddings. The bridal jewellery set will make your outfit look complete and stand out on your special day as the most beautiful piece of jewellery for a bride.

Sukkhi Lavish Pearl Gold Plated Wedding Jewellery for Women

Sometimes all you want is a beautiful necklace set for your bridal outfit without the multitude of pieces and distractions. This simple choker necklace set comes with a grand-looking choker necklace made of beautiful green and white stones set in a gold-plated alloy metal frame along with pearls ad paired with beautiful earrings and a maang tikka. The simple four-piece set is perfect for the bride who wants beautiful wedding jewellery but does not want to make it too loud or obvious. The minimalist’s choice of royal jewellery, this set is perfect for weddings.

Wedding bridal jewellery sets: FAQs

  1. What type of jewellery is best for wedding jewellery?
    Traditional jewellery is the best option for wedding jewellery. Choose a beautiful Kundan and stone set or go for an all-gold jewellery set. The options and styles are many, but usually traditional and ethnic-looking jewellery is the best option for wedding bridal jewellery sets.
  2. Which jewellery is best for lehengas?
    Usually, a choker necklace paired with dangler earrings, a maang tikka and haath phool is the top pick for jewellery to pair with lehenga cholis.
  3. Do brides wear real jewellery?
    This can only be answered depending on the budget. If real jewellery is what the bride wears regularly and has the budget for it then it should be the pick. But if on a budget, and if wearing artificial jewellery regularly is what you prefer then imitation jewellery is the better choice for you.

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