Wedding businesses finding themselves busy for 2022 season

E. Hambleton
 |  Special to the Daily News

June is just around the corner and with that comes the season of white dresses, tuxedoes and promises of love till death do us part. After two years of COVID-19 lockdowns, which forced many couples to postpone or even cancel ceremonies, there is a buzz in Hillsdale County, or rather, wedding bells.

Several venues in and around Hillsdale have been inundated with requests for marriage festivities. Places like the Dawn Theater and the Dow Hotel & Conference Center are open for booking, though they are both close to having a full schedule.

Kris Healy, the group event sales manager at the Dow Hotel & Conference Center, noted the general feel of the season so far.

“I have definitely seen an increase in excitement,” Healy said. “Folks are thrilled that they can put their plans in effect now. There was a lot of discouragement during COVID. Brides are very excited now, a little apprehensive that restrictions or closures could present difficulties again. But there is a feeling of getting back to normal and they are eager to celebrate their wedding event.”

Though COVID precautions have been lifted for the most part, and couples are excited to see their dreams in reality, there are brides that decided to go through with their weddings even during the lockdowns.

Katie Hamilton, a resident of Hillsdale County, had planned to marry her best friend in July of 2020, but because of COVID, she had to postpone her wedding. Laid off of work like many people during the pandemic, saving was difficult and Hamilton went to alternative measures to finally unite with her husband in May of 2021.

“I had an outdoor wedding at my step-mom’s house,” Hamilton said. “My stepdad married us. He got ordained last minute and I had the reception there also. There was barely anyone that showed up because of COVID.”

Despite wishing that more people could have come, Hamilton does not regret holding her wedding when she did. She additionally shared a bit of advice and well-wishes to the couples who are looking to hold their ceremonies this season.

“Spend the best time you can with the loved ones that come, and do not worry about anything else on that day,” she said. “It could have been just me and my husband and kids and parents, and I would have been just fine and made the most of it. Even if it was just me dancing on the dance floor. All it comes down to is how you and your husband feel on that day, and I was beyond happy that I just got married to my best friend.”