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The Beauty of Wedding Bustles: An Essential Guide for Brides

Wedding planning is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life, and every detail should be nothing but perfect. One of the significant details that every bride should keep in mind is the wedding dress. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most essential features of the wedding dress – the bustle.

A bustle is an arrangement of fabric that is used to gather the back of a wedding dress to create volume and shape. It is a perfect solution to transform a gown designed for a grand entrance into something comfortable for dancing and walking around. So, if you’re wondering about which bustle is perfect for your wedding gown, here’s everything you need to know.

The Different Types of Bustles

Bustles have been in use since the 19th century. The bustle style has evolved over the years, and today’s brides get access to a wide range of bustles to choose from. From the simplest styles to the most elaborate, the decision to choose a bustle comes down to the gown’s design and the bride’s style.

1. Ballroom Bustle – A ballroom bustle, also known as a “French Bustle,” is one of the simplest types of bustles. It gathers the train of the gown underneath and fastens it into place with ribbons or hooks. This type of bustle creates a clean and elegant look. Ballroom bustles are best suited for dresses with minimal adornments, like A-line or mermaid patterns.

2. Over Bustle – An over bustle, also known as the “American bustle,” is a great option for wedding dresses with a longer train, especially if the dress has plenty of embellishments. This bustle features loops of fabric or ribbons sewn into the back of the dress. These are then used to tie the train up and out of the way.

3. Under Bustle – The under bustle, also known as the “Victorian bustle,” utilizes small loops of thread and buttons to create the desired shape. This bustle style creates an elegant appearance and is suitable for wedding gowns with appliques, lace, and beading.

4. Tufted Bustle – A tufted bustle lifts the bottom of the dress into a cascade of puffed fabric. This style requires a lot of extra fabric and creates a princess-like look. It works well with ball gowns, fairytale-esque styles, or any gown with a full skirt.

The Best Bustle for Your Wedding Dress

Deciding which bustle to choose for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, but the decision comes down to the gown’s design and your style preferences. Before making a choice, consider the following:

1. Gown Fabric – The type of fabric of the wedding dress plays a significant role in which bustle to choose. For instance, ballroom bustles are suitable for silk and satin dresses, while an under bustle works well with tulle and chiffon gowns that are lightweight.

2. Wedding Venue – When considering a bustle style, take the wedding venue into account. For instance, an outdoor wedding may require a simple bustle to avoid getting damaged or dirty as you walk around. On the other hand, an indoor wedding enables you to take a look and decide on a more detailed bustle.

3. Dress Design – The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a bustle is the dress design. Consider details such as the length of the train, embellishment, and train length. Always consult with your wedding dress designer before making a final decision.

The Process of Creating a Wedding Bustle

Once you’ve chosen a bustle style, it’s time to make the necessary alterations. The process can vary based on the bustle type and your dress designer but generally involves the following steps:

1. Making Markings – Your dressmaker will request you to try on the wedding gown to determine the right placement of bustle loops and buttons.

2. Sewing the Loops or Ribbons – Once the location has been approved, your designer sews loops of fabric into the back of the dress. Loops are made to hang outward from the waistband for easy attachment.

3. Attaching Buttons or hooks – Next, attaching buttons or hooks on the dress to fasten the loops. These buttons or hooks are carefully placed to ensure that they do not detract from the overall aesthetic of the gown.

4. Final Fittings – Depending on the bustle style, you might need a final fitting to make any necessary alterations.

Bustle Alternatives

If you’re having trouble deciding on a bustle that will work for your wedding gown, you may want to consider bustle alternatives. The following options create an elegant gown look without the need for a bustle:

1. Shorter Wedding Dress – Select a shorter gown if you want a less ornate look without a train.

2. Detachable Train – Consider working with your dress designer to create a detachable train. A detachable train makes it easier to move around once the dancing begins.

3. Tea-Length Dress – A tea-length dress is an excellent choice for brides looking for something outside of the traditional or formal wedding style.


The right wedding bustle can transform your wedding gown from the traditional look to a more comfortable one, making it perfect for the reception. As you prepare for your wedding day, consider bustle styles, design, and fabric. Most importantly, do not hesitate to work with your dress designer for the right fit. Finally, remember that the most critical factor is to select the bustle that makes you feel confident and comfortable on your big day.

Most Asked Questions Regarding Wedding Bustles

What is a Wedding Bustle and How Does it Work?

A wedding bustle is a method used for lifting the train of a wedding dress off the ground after the ceremony has ended. The bustle is created by using buttons, hooks, or ribbons on the back of the dress to secure the train up and out of the way while allowing the bride to move around freely.

Important information about wedding bustles includes:

1. Bustles can be either permanent or temporary and can add to the overall aesthetics of the dress
2. There are many different types of bustles available
3. The type of bustle chosen is often dependent on the style of the dress and the personal preference of the bride.

What Types of Bustles Are Available?

There are many different types of bustles available for wedding dresses. Some of the most popular bustle types include the French bustle, ballroom bustle, and American bustle.

Some important information about the different types of bustles includes:

1. The French bustle is created by pulling the train up and under the dress through loops, giving the dress a seamless appearance
2. The ballroom bustle is created by gathering the train up into soft folds and pinning it onto the back of the dress
3. The American bustle uses ribbons and buttons to lift the train up and secure it to the waist of the dress.

How Do You Choose the Right Bustle for Your Dress?

When choosing a bustle for your wedding dress, you will need to consider several factors such as the style of the dress, the type of fabric, and the length of the train. It is often best to work with a professional seamstress or tailor who can help you choose the right bustle and ensure it is properly installed on your dress.

Some important information about choosing the right bustle includes:

1. The style of your dress will often dictate the type of bustle that will work best
2. The length and weight of the train will also play a factor in choosing the right bustle
3. It is important to give yourself enough time before the wedding to have the bustle properly installed and fitted to your dress.

When Should You Bustle Your Wedding Dress?

The timing of bustling your wedding dress will vary depending on the logistics of your wedding day and personal preferences. Some brides prefer to have their train bustled right after the ceremony while others wait until after the first dance or during the reception.

Important information about bustling your wedding dress includes:

1. It is important to communicate with your wedding planner or wedding coordinator to determine the best time and strategy for bustling your dress
2. It is also important to practice bustling your dress ahead of time to ensure that it is easy to do and comfortable to wear
3. You may also want to consider having a backup plan in case your bustle becomes undone or uncomfortable during the wedding.

Can You Bustle a Lace Wedding Dress?

Yes, you can bustle a lace wedding dress, but it may require a bit more attention to detail and skill. A seamstress or tailor will need to carefully consider the placement of the bustle buttons or hooks to ensure that they do not damage or disrupt the lace pattern.

Some important information about bustling a lace wedding dress includes:

1. It may take longer to install a bustle on a lace wedding dress due to the intricacy of the fabric
2. It is important to work with a professional to ensure that the bustle is installed correctly and will not damage the dress
3. Be sure to practice bustling the dress ahead of time and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it is easy to do and comfortable to wear.

Wrong Beliefs Concerning Wedding Bustles

Common Misconceptions About Wedding Bustles

Wedding bustles are a common accessory that brides wear on their wedding day. Bustles can transform the appearance of a wedding gown, making it easier for brides to walk and dance without dragging their dress along the floor. Over the years, however, many misconceptions have arisen regarding wedding bustles, leading to confusion and misinformation. This article will discuss the most common misconceptions about wedding bustles.

Misconception 1: Wedding Bustles are Uncomfortable

One of the most common misconceptions about wedding bustles is that they are uncomfortable. Many brides believe that bustles are heavy, bulky, and hot, making it difficult to move around on their special day. However, this is not true. Professional seamstresses who make wedding bustles are knowledgeable about the type of fabric to use to make the bustle, and how to attach it to the wedding dress without causing discomfort. A bustle should not be noticeable, and brides should not feel any pressure or discomfort from wearing one on their wedding day.

Misconception 2: Wedding Bustles are Expensive

Another common misconception about wedding bustles is that they are expensive. This is not true. Although wedding bustles require time and expertise to make, they are usually affordable, and their cost is comparable to other accessories such as veils or headpieces. Most bridal seamstresses offer affordable prices for the bustle, and the cost will vary depending on the amount of work needed and the specific design of the bustle. Brides should ask their bridal seamstress for a cost estimate to budget accordingly.

Misconception 3: Wedding Bustles are Only for Long Dresses

Some brides believe that wedding bustles are only meant for long dresses. This is not accurate. Bustles are designed for any wedding dress that drags on the floor and requires lifting. Whether the wedding gown is a long, medium, or short style, the bustle can be customized to fit in any size. The seamstress will take the bride’s preferences into account, the length of the train, and the dress’s overall design to create the ideal bustle.

Misconception 4: Wedding Bustles are Difficult to Put On

Many brides believe that wedding bustles are hard to put on and remove, making it difficult to use the restroom or take a break from the wedding reception. This is not entirely true. Yes, a bustle takes some effort to put on, but once the seamstress has outfitted the gown, the bride can easily access the bathroom at any time. When attaching the bustle, the seamstress will ensure that the bride can comfortably sit, walk, or dance without any restrictions.

Misconception 5: Wedding Bustles are Not Aesthetic

Finally, another common misconception about wedding bustles is that they are not aesthetically pleasing. Some brides feel that a bustle takes away from the elegance of the wedding gown, especially when it’s time to let loose on the dance floor. This is not correct. Wedding bustles can enhance the gown’s appearance by transforming the dress’s long tail into a stylish, shorter appearance. The specialized art of making a bustle rewards brides with an extra element of glamour from their tail.


In summary, as a bride, you can rest assured that the misconceptions surrounding bridal bustles should not take away from the joy and experience of your special day. The truth is that wedding bustles provide a functional purpose and are a beautiful addition to any gown. They are relatively easy to put on and remove, not cost-prohibitive, and very comfortable. If you are not already considering having your dress fitted with a bustle, be sure to speak to your bridal seamstress and consider the benefits of adding one.

Wedding Bustles

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