Wedding cake fail as bride bursts out laughing: ‘Our wedding was perfect except for one thing’

An amused bride has told of the moment she burst out laughing when she discovered her wedding cake barely resembled what she had in mind.

Taylor Hunt, from Victoria, ordered a basic fondant cake with the word “Amore” piped on the side – with the baker telling her the dessert was “easy” to recreate.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Bride’s wedding cake fail.

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But on the day she tied the knot in late January, she realised the celebration centrepiece looked nothing like the inspo picture she had given to a baker.

Instead, she received an unsightly sponge cake with messy layers of buttercream, missing icing fondant and the words “My Darling” on top.

Bride Taylor Hunt laughed when she found her wedding cake looked nothing like what she had ordered. Credit: Taylor Hunt

“This is so funny,” Taylor said about her epic wedding cake fail in a TikTok video.

“So I got married and it was perfect, it all went great… except for this one thing.”

“No one actually checked the cake before it was cake time. And we didn’t have an official cake cutting moment, thank god because this was the cake.

“I still can’t. This is the cake we got. What is that?!”

‘Wrong cake?’

Taylor couldn’t help but laugh hysterically about the “wedding fail”.

“I think the funniest part was that my mum was in charge of the cake,” the bride explained.

“She got on the phone right away and texted the baker a photo of the cake and she was like, ‘Did we get the wrong cake?’

Unfortunately for the bride and groom, Taylor confirmed: “It was the right cake, they (baker) just ‘missed some details’.”

The bride reminded everyone in the caption: “Check the cake”.

She received an unsightly sponge cake with messy layers of buttercream, missing icing fondant and the words ‘My Darling’ on top. Credit: Taylor Hunt

Her video has been viewed more than 400,000 times, with many urging her to demand a full refund.

“That literally makes no sense whatsoever. In what realm is that even remotely close? They definitely didn’t finish it, that has to be what happened,” one said.

Another suggested: “It’s weird how once the wedding is over, it feels so perfect that you can laugh at the mistakes but you deserve a refund on this one!”

One wrote: “That can’t be your cake. There had to have been a mix up. That’s not even iced. Omg.”

‘I’d be devastated!’

Another said: “Thank god you have a sense of humour and this hasn’t ruined any of your real special moments at your wedding.”

While one added: “Dreadful beyond words. All brides need to be warned! Love you can laugh. I’d be devastated!”

Many professional bakers said they were “mortified” when they saw her cake.

“Omg what the actual?! As a cake decorator I’m so sorry that this happened to you,” one said.

Another added: “As a bakery business owner that would be a full refund and a sobbing apology.”

While one revealed: “How did they manage to mess up so bad? I have offered to refund cakes for little mistakes but this… that’s completely wrong.”

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