Wedding Decor You Can Reuse After The Big Day

If you consider yourself an official plant parent, then cut flowers that will crumple and die, sometimes before the reception has even ended, may not be your cup of tea. Instead, look to the water-conservative succulent plants. Succulents can include prickly cacti, agave plants, aloe, and jade plants. Succulents and Sunshine recommends several ways to incorporate these tiny plants into your wedding, including as cake toppers and table centerpieces. Since many wedding favors have special significance for the bride and husband but aren’t used by the guests, you could even use them as such.

Even holding the roots in a tiny bit of soil for a few hours is enough to keep these hardy plants happy, so if you’ve already got a stellar succulent collection at home, be sure to use it to supplement your wedding décor. Just make sure your wedding venue knows they need to go home with you. And since these can go without water for long periods, you can take them home and won’t have to worry about them all from the wedding day to the honeymoon.