Wedding dress maker blown away by bride’s ‘unreasonable’ last-minute demand

A seamstress felt like her friend, a bride-to-be, took horrible advantage of a deal they made. She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Her friend Karina is getting married and asked her to make her a wedding dress. She agreed to buy the materials as a gift but asked Karina to pay her by the hour. Once things got started, Karina proved to be difficult to work with, so the Reddit poster quit. Now, Karina is scrambling to find a dress. “Karina has been an absolute nightmare to work with. I truly have never encountered someone more exasperating (and I’ve worked in retail)”. Then, when Karina requested Swarovski crystals, the seamstress reached her breaking point. “Karina’s wedding is in a month, and she is absolutely freaking out on social media, which leads me to believe that she was counting on me gifting her the dress. I feel awful”. Reddit users thought Katrina was a straight-up bridezilla. “Bridezilla never intended to pay you a dime,” one user wrote. “Don’t reward bad behavior,” another said