Wedding dresses being given away to health care workers

RIVERVIEW, Fla. — A Riverview event center is helping out health care workers by giving away free wedding dresses.

The Regent’s ballroom sat empty for the majority of 2020 while wedding dresses piled up, reported local ABC affiliate WFTS.

“We lost probably 65 percent of our income in 2020,” said CEO Shannon Keil.

Instead of planning wedding receptions, Keil was planning hospital visits.

“My parents both got COVID, my dad was in the hospital, he actually had pneumonia and he had to have the antibodies so we were pretty worried and then my husband and daughter got it,” said Keil.

Luckily, all of her loved ones recovered from COVID-19. Now, Keil wants to give back to frontline health care workers by offering more than 30 new wedding dresses for free.

According to Keil, the dresses range in price from $600 to $3,000.

“Each of these dresses is going to go on a girl who is going to have a story and it’s going to be amazing and we’ve been keeping her story hostage so I’m ready to let it go,” said Keil.

Keil is going from hospital to hospital, looking for bridal nominations, starting with Brandon Regional, reports WFTS.

“If they did something extraordinary for you or you’ve seen and watched them do extraordinary things let us help you bless them,” said Keil.

Every dress that she gives away is a small thank you to the health care workers who helped save her family and so many others, she said.

“It is sort of like a fairy godmother, we get to sparkle and shine, we get to give them that,” said Keil.

For more on how to submit a nomination, and check out all the dresses that are available, go to or you can email Keil directly at