Wedding Guest Attire Based on Zodiac Sun Sign

Deciding what to wear to a wedding as a guest is never easy. Not only do you need to consider the dress code, the season, and the wedding venue, but you want to wear something that feels true to your personality and inner style as well. If you’re struggling to narrow down the choices—or just need a little inspiration—using astrology to select your celebration ‘fit might just be the answer.

“Since your sun represents your identity in the natal chart, you will feel your most confident and authentic when you are living your sun sign,” explains astrologer and founder of My Little Magic Shop, Shereen Campbell. “An easy way to tap into this energy is by wearing something that makes you feel you!“

So, how do people find the best wedding guest attire based on their sun signs? It’s all about embracing the energy and aesthetic associated with a particular zodiac element, and there are a few different ways to do this from the silhouettes to the fabrics and the hues one chooses. In fact, astrologer Ashanti Ransom says one of the most popular ways to lean into your astrology is by dressing in colors associated with your sun sign. “For instance, Leos are associated with gold and glitter, while Scorpios are associated with black and burgundies,” she explains. 

To get started, Campbell says you’ll want to consider your sun sign’s leading element, whether that’s fire, earth, air, or water. This will help guide you to colors, styles, and even accessories that’ll make you feel beautiful, authentic, and validated as you celebrate yet another great love story. 

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

As their element suggests, fire signs are all about bringing heat and energy to any occasion. “You can expect these signs to be bold and daring,” says Ransom. Whether they’re telling a joke, giving a speech, or hitting the dance floor, she adds that fire signs are typically “the stars of the show.” When it comes to wedding guest fashion, though, you want to make sure your look is still appropriate so as to not detract from the couple of honor. 


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is ruled by passionate Mars. Ransom says this means opting for a look that’s innovative, avant-garde, and won’t be seen on every other attendee. Skip the little black dress and instead, Campbell suggests leaning into fiery colors or unique patterns to help Aries stand out. Still stuck? Consider the season of the event and select bold hues that align with the theme of the day. 


It’s very rare that a Leo doesn’t dress to impress, and Campbell says weddings are no exception. In fact, it’s often one of the times that a Leo has the chance to truly pull out all the stops. “Think glitters, golds, and sequins,” Ransom suggests. Naturally, you want to adhere to the dress code, so if your attire has to be a little more casual, writer and astrology expert Sophie Saint Thomas advises to instead, add some flare via the rest of your outfit. “Focus on hair accessories, cool jewelry, and glam wedding make-up,” she notes. 


Ruled by expansive Jupiter, Ransom says Sagittarius is “always thinking bigger and extravagant.” Even though they’re known for their philosophical ways, they still want to stand out on special occasions. While Saint Thomas says Sagittarius loves “large, puffy sleeves and long skirts,” she also notes that they crave movement, so feeling restricted in an outfit is out. Steer clear of anything too tight or uncomfortable, consider ditching your heels for flats, or opt for some fancy sneakers to help you dance all night long.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Known for their grounded nature and sophisticated style, earth signs have an eye for detail while usually preferring to keep things understated. Ransom says a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn wedding guest should wear something “simple, classic, and full of quality” to feel their best. Since it’s often easy for earth signs to commit to a look, she suggests listening to your first instincts if you’re somehow torn between two styles.


Timeless beauty is crucial to a Taurus, and guests with this sign will likely gravitate towards a look that’s classic and high-quality. “Fabric is important to Tauruses, as these sensual earth signs hate the feel of synthetics,” notes Saint Thomas. If this is your sun sign, don’t be afraid to splurge on a luxurious silk or lace dress that highlights your exemplary taste. Additionally, Ransom advises to not overlook vintage couture when searching for occasion wear, and Campbell suggests choosing earth tones, neutral patterns, or soft pastels when picking a hue.  


As the most analytic of all the sun signs, Campbell says Virgos will feel their best when wearing something that’s tailored, polished, and simple. Consider neutral hues, slip dresses, and clean silhouettes. “They already have so much on their mind, so Virgos need something quick and easy to slip into,” adds Ransom. Another great option? A suit. “No matter their gender, Virgos always look super fly in suits,” stresses Saint Thomas. 


“Classic and conservative styling keeps Capricorn feeling good,” says Campbell, and Ransom adds that these signs “give Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada when it comes to fashion styles.” Darker colors and sophisticated looks, such as pantsuits and below-the-knee dresses, will make a traditional Capricorn feel comfortable. However, Saint Thomas urges this sign to remember it’s okay to branch out and ditch the business casual look for a wedding if they feel like leaning into their secret playful side.

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Known for their innovative and unexpected sense of style, Ransom says air signs want to make “just enough of a statement to get the people talking.” Whether that’s a look that channels the wedding theme or includes unique accessories, air signs won’t feel satisfied unless they’re turning heads. 


Choosing a special outfit for a wedding can oftentimes feel tricky for Geminis due to their twin nature. In general, Campbell says a look that’s modern, sleek, and slightly eclectic is the move here, and they should consider an asymmetrical slip dress or even a chic ombré pantsuit. To help eliminate the paradox of choice, Ransom also suggests honoring the sign’s passion for movement. “Something comfortable—not too tight but tight enough to catch the glance of a suitor—is good for a Gemini,” she says. This way they can still get the attention they crave but are free to follow their whims as the celebration continues.


Libras are ruled by beauty-loving Venus, notes Ransom, and their style is all about balanced romance. “This sign literally rules the fashion sense, so these individuals can show up in anything and turn heads,” she explains. If the dress code permits, a full ball gown, flowing maxi dress, or floral print mini will make Libras feel their best. Campbell adds that an accessory that doubles as a conversation piece is also a must, so opt for some flashy heels or a bright clutch to pull the look together.


“Nobody has a fashion sense quite like an Aquarius—they’re not comfortable within the fashion norms,” Ransom explains. While unique and innovative Aquarians have a famous desire to rebel, they still need to be mindful of a wedding dress code, so finding appropriate ways to rock a one-of-a-kind look is crucial. Therefore, one of the best ways an Aquarius can dress is by channeling the couple’s wedding theme. For a formal beach wedding, select a teal look with small starfish accessories and details, or for a vintage glam wedding, try a fringe dress that nods to the Gatsby days of yore. 

Water: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

Out of all the signs, none feel quite as sentimental toward weddings as an emotion-embracing Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio. “These are such emotional and sensual signs, so their moods can really determine the way that they dress for an occasion,” Ransom says. “Individuals who fall within the water sign elements should dress based on the way they feel.”


Ruled by dreamy Neptune and Jupiter, Ransom says mystical Pisces wants to feel as free and fluid as the water when attending special events. “These signs should go for something flowy but also very colorful, comfortable, and even girly or mermaid-like,” she explains. In fact, Campbell says “the flowier, the better” since Pisces desires an unrestricted ensemble. Keep things simple with a shift maxi or mini dress, in a brilliant ocean-inspired blue, that’ll ebb and flow with the energy of the event. 


“Cancers are caring water signs that are deeply devoted to the home and family,” notes Saint Thomas; and since the sign is ruled by the moon, their style can quickly change or shift depending on their feelings. Campbell says channeling the water element with blues, teals, greens, or even watercolor patterns will put a Cancer at ease and in the mood to celebrate. Most importantly, though, a Cancer should coordinate (or at least check in) with a few pals to see what they’re wearing since this sign thrives when supported by loved ones. 


Mysterious, passionate, and seductive, all three experts agree that Scorpios and LBDs go hand-in-hand. If you feel like straying away from the sign’s signature black hue, Ransom adds that a deep red or burgundy will also make a Scorpio feel event-ready. Whichever shade this sign chooses, a curve-hugging silhouette and bold lip are typically what the stars call for when a Scorpio steps out for the most romantic of celebrations.