Wedding Guest Shares Invitation Asking Guests To Pay For Their Own Meals But Give Cash Gifts

Weddings give brides and grooms the opportunity to create the perfect day for them — which includes setting rules for guests who attend.

A TikTok video posted by an astounded guest showcased the wedding couple’s strange request for the ceremony they were invited to.

The couple asked the guests to pay for their own meals while encouraging them to give monetary gifts.

A wedding is surely one of the most expensive things you’ll ever spend your money on, but there are some things that people expect the couple to handle — food is definitely one of them.

This wedding couple, however, is asking their guests to pay for their food at the wedding.

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One of their guests took to TikTok to showcase the madness of tasking your guests to pay for their own food. 

The video, posted by a user named Kelli (@kellikeylimepie), showed the wedding invitation that was sent to the guests.

Kelli goes through the invitation, showing how the couple reminds the guests that they are responsible to pay for their own meal — but they also “appreciate” any monetary gifts.

Although it’s unclear if Kelli actually attended, she shared the invitations online to voice her astonishment that the couple would be asking so much from their guests.

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Users voiced their outrage for the guests who would end up attending the ceremony.

While a wedding is first and foremost for the couple, it’s important to recognize the obligation they have to their guests if they decide to have a big, extravagant, wedding — such as supplying food and drinks that accommodate everybody.

Big weddings are fun but many don’t realize it’s important to recognize how big of a monetary commitment they can be.

Not only are you paying to make sure everything goes smoothly but you’re paying to ensure your guests have a good time as well.

That’s why many were upset with the bride and groom for placing that responsibility on the guests.

One user suggested that if they can’t even afford to feed their guests, they should scale back the ceremony. 

“If you can’t afford to have a wedding & pay for your guests, then either don’t invite so many people or just have a wedding with immediate family,” they wrote.

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Another user explained that having a guest pay for their own meal would be okay but also asking for monetary gifts is going way too far.

“I would be fine paying for my own meal if the invite said no gifts. But to expect cash when guests are paying for themselves is absolutely ridiculous,” they wrote. 

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Each wedding is different, but in times like these, there’s nothing wrong with having a scaled-back wedding.

In fact, sometimes those are the best because it’s with the people you really care about.

One user even suggested a potluck in the back skyward would be sufficient.

After all, isn’t a wedding more about sharing your love with your family?

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