Wedding guest slammed on TikTok for ‘attention seeking’ outfit

There are some rules around weddings that go without saying – which is why this guest’s attention-seeking actions has sparked such fury.

When it comes to weddings it goes without saying that, unless you are the bride, wearing white is a big no-no.

But one wedding guest has sparked outrage after footage was shared of her wearing a white gown, complete with train.

TikTok user @imlostplsfindme posted a video, which has since been deleted, showing the wedding-goer dancing at the reception.

“This Cruella attention-seeker wore a white gown with a train that’s right now pinned up to my sister’s wedding,” they wrote in the caption, according to Yahoo.

The video was viewed more than 1.5 million times, with people slamming the female guest’s outfit.

Several said they wouldn’t have let her attend the wedding, with one person commenting: “She wouldn’t [have] been allowed in.

“My family thinks I’m joking about having a bouncer at my wedding.”

“That’s not wearing a white gown that’s wearing an actual wedding dress!” another wrote.

Others joked it was “tie dye time”, with one commenting: “This is why bridesmaids and groomsmen should carry around water guns with fabric dye.”

To avoid the bride being upstaged on her big day, many couples have taken to sending out strict dress code instructions for guests.

But these requests can also be divisive, as one bride-to-be shared on TikTok last week.

Canadian woman @samanthatwist explained how she had requested attendees wear only certain colours.

“I shared some examples of light, earthy and neutral tones and just said, ‘Hey I would like it if you could wear something like this,’” Samantha said.

She also provided links to some example outfits for guests.

The bride also shared the colour examples she had provided her family and friends, explaining that she wanted no-one wearing “obviously any shades of white”, as well as red, orange or yellow.

But, Samantha said: “Everyone was outraged.”

She said: “I got some much crap for posting this, one of my aunts even told me if I care so much about what she wears she is just not going to show up.

“My mother-in-law was calling my husband, at the time my fiance, saying, ‘What the heck is with Sam?’

“‘Does she not understand that people don’t have money to buy a whole new outfit?’

“Everyone basically thought I was the devil for asking them to wear near neutrals, although I think most people have grey or beige or navy blue in [their] wardrobe.”