Wedding guest stunned over couple’s ‘cheap’ food spread – but can YOU spot the ‘dangerous’ oversight?

AS lovely as it is to be invited to your mate’s wedding, they are undeniably VERY long days.

So it goes without saying that the guests are usually counting down the hours until they can tuck into the wedding breakfast.


Can YOU spot the ‘dangerous’ oversight?Credit: Reddit

But while most couples go for something carb-heavy to soak up all the booze, one recent bride and groom decided to take a very different approach.

And let’s just say, it did NOT go down well with their loved ones.

Earlier this week, a stunned wedding guest shared a photo of the couple’s lacklustre spread on Reddit.

Along with some diced watermelon, kiwi and pineapple, the couple also laid out some bread and cheese slices on a black tablecloth for their guests’ meal.

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Inviting other members of the forum to blast the “cheap” bride and groom, the guest wrote: “[There were] no plates, no forks.

“Only a cheese knife.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, other people pointed out the potential “dangerous” oversight.

One replied: “If those flowers are baby’s breath, I don’t think they’re food safe. Yikes!”

Another added: “They are definitely toxic to humans.”

According to Gardening Know How, the flower contains saponins which can cause stomach upsets in animals and irritate people’s skin.

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” I’m sorry to the bride and groom but this is sooooo embarrassing and nasty,” another critic added.

“Whoever made this spread should be ashamed of themselves honestly,” a third said.