Wedding Guests go Gaga Over this One Dollar Party Favor

Weddings are memorable moments from our lives that live on with us forever. Okay, if we are “in the wedding” or we were the ones that are getting married. Then those memories live on forever. For most wedding guests though, your special day is just one more day they had to put on uncomfortable clothes and wear uncomfortable shoes.

Unless you provide your wedding party with a rather unique party favor that they will want to use again and again and again. Then they’ll remember. Or if they went to the wedding in Louisiana. Well, we do have a bit of a backstory, don’t we?

Omar Lopez via

Omar Lopez via Unsplash.com13 of the Most Louisiana Things You’ll Find at Every Wedding

Now, I have to admit it’s been a while since I frequented a wedding as a guest. I do know that many couples offer their guests a commemorative napkin, a toothpick holder, or a plastic beverage cup as a memento.

Those are nice and to be honest, I use the wedding cups most of all but after watching this unique idea from Tik Tok creator @amyseder, you might want to spend a whole dollar (apiece) to get some of these for your special wedding party guests.

What Amy is holding in the video is a laser cut name tag. Yeah, it’s the modern upgrade from the old standard, Hello, My Name Is… Tag that we all hate wearing.

Amy said she found the novel idea name tags on Etsy. And as someone who has taken a personal vow to never ever wear a name tag in a respectable manner, I think I might wear one of these.



As you can see the laser cut name tags cast a dashing figure across the place setting. And, it appears as if you can have them produced in a variety of materials too. I would even imagine you could get more words laser cut if you needed them. All in all it makes for a very classy nameplate and an even classier name tag. Best of all, the price is just .98 cents

And if you are planning a wedding, maybe you should consider some of these ideas too. Your mom and dad aren’t made out of money, you know.

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