Wedding nothing: Google Maps loses Penal couple in forest

A Penal couple got an adventure they didn’t anticipate on Saturday when they left their home for a wedding only to end up stuck in a forested area thanks to the navigating system they were following.

Ruel and Dilana Sandiford hoped to attend a wedding in Guayaguayare Village.

They wanted to get there in the shortest possible time so they used Google Maps.

However, the route they followed wasn’t quite what they expected as they were taken through approximately 19 kilometres of abandoned oilfield road, called the Guayaguayare Road.

Undaunted by the tall trees and unkept shrubbery, they reached a blocked Heritage gate in the Navette oilfields.

This caused them to turn around. Soon after, at around 3pm, they got stuck in mud. 

Left with no other choice but to walk about 15 kilometres through the dreaded Catshill forest, Ruel and Dilana began an arduous trek.

Just before dark, they arrived at Touchstone Gargram Security where they were assisted.

On Monday, the Hunters Search and Rescue Team (HSRT) led by Captain Vallence Rambharat spearheaded the retrieval of the vehicle using the services of a tractor and local guides.

The operation took six hours to complete.