Wedding planner shares ‘most effective’ way to keep phones out of your wedding photos: ‘People don’t always listen’

keep phones out of your wedding photos

Nothing ruins the ambiance of a wedding photo like two dozen iPhones in the air, all vying for their best Instagram video of the bride and groom.

Thankfully, one TikToker shared her hack for keeping phones out of your wedding photos and preserving the magic of your big day.

Claire, the creative director and lead wedding planner behind Grit and Grace Events, discussed the useful tip on the brand’s TikTok page, where it has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

“Do you want people’s phones in all of your wedding pictures? I’m going to assume no,” she began the viral clip. “But, like, people don’t always listen, you know? Fear not, I have the most effective ways to get people to put their phones away so they’re not in all your wedding pictures.”

“First up is a sign like this,” she continued, while displaying a photo of a sign reading, “We love our photographer. You will, too. Put the phone down. (We mean it. Love you.)”

“It’s really fricking cute,” she added of the sign. “But I kid you not, the most effective way to do it is ask your officiant to announce [the no photo rule] before the ceremony starts. Works like a charm.

Asking people to do the thing you want them to do? Groundbreaking. Still, the best life hacks do tend to be the simplest — and the comments section seemed to be a testament to the tip’s effectiveness.

“Our officiant did it and all phones were down lol,” one user wrote.

“As a wedding officiant, before every wedding I announce it,” commented another. “I cannot stand seeing people’s phones out in the midst of a ceremony.”

Still, some people apparently struggled to get their guests to put away their technology, even after making repeated requests for them to do so.

“My DJ announced it before our wedding and my husband’s aunt still had her phone out and took pictures,” one user commented.

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“I had a sign and announcement and hubby’s aunt took pictures AND POSTED THEM ON FB before the reception was even over,” wrote another. “Refused to delete it, too.”

Yikes! Maybe when it comes to wedding day etiquette, we all try listening to the couple from now on?

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