Wedding proposal planner to help couples craft perfect moment

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — There are certain moments we remember for the rest of our lives. This inspired a new company’s idea: what if they could help out with one of those important life moments and take away any stress from it?

“This conversation is merely just to mentally prepare you,” said Zach Hartman, sitting at a table at 360 Bistro. He spoke to Trey Bassford in a quick business meeting.

“It’s easier than we make it sound,” Hartman told him. “All you need to do and concentrate on is acting normal.”

What was this business meeting about? To understand that, you’ve got to know a little about Trey and his girlfriend Shea Register.

“I just know she’s the one,” said Trey. “This is one relationship I don’t have any doubts about anything. Both her parents passed away in the past couple years, and it’s been really, really hard on her. Ever since she’s met me, I really see a smile that’s different from other smiles. She’s happy all the time.”

That’s where Hartman comes in.

“It’s one of the most special moments in someone’s life,” Hartman told Trey. “That’s why I opened up the company.”

Hartman’s not a wedding planner. He’s a wedding proposal planner who says he always gets the same question.

“‘Can you help me?'” he laughed. “They come to me basically saying, ‘can you help me? I don’t know what to do.'”

“I really want to make it big for her,” Trey said of proposing to Shea. “She really deserves it.”

Working with proposal coordinators, Hartman takes care of everything. He helps create customized proposals through his company Take My Hand Proposals.

“The proposal — you’re going to be talking about this for the next 50 years,” Hartman said.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself,” said Trey. “I needed some help.”

For Trey’s proposal to Shea, Hartman secured the rooftop of Fairfield Inn and Suites. Shea thought she was there just for a sunset photoshoot, and was stunned to find Trey’s proposal, surrounded by lights, flower petals, a guitar player and a professional photographer. Shea hugged Trey as she accepted.

Since Shea’s parents have passed, Trey couldn’t ask them for her hand in marriage. Instead, he asked her best friends. They were featured in a video showing their support for the marriage.

Hartman said this is what he and his company are all about.

“We want to make the proposal as romantic and special to the couple as possible,” he said.

“It couldn’t be any more perfect,” Shea said after accepting the proposal.

“She makes me feel like a king every single day,” said Trey.

In addition to working in Nashville, Hartman said he’s also doing some proposal planning in Tampa.

He’s hoping to expand his Take My Hand Proposals to Austin, New Orleans and Atlanta.

For more on Take My Hand Proposals, visit here.