Wedding ring lost for nearly 30 years found in Glen Rock

Jun 21, 2022, 12:51amUpdated 3h ago

By: News 12 Staff

A lost wedding ring that has been missing for nearly three decades finally came to surface in Glen Rock.

Sean and Debbie Emery have been together for almost 30 years. Two years into their marriage, Sean Emery misplaced his ring.

He was painting the inside of a house and put his ring in his back pocket only to find out it wasn’t there. They tore the house apart for months before the couple bought a replacement band.

About 28 years later, the ring was found not even five minutes away from their home, buried five inches into the ground.

“I didn’t tell Debbie I lost the ring for like a year. I thought I was going to find it. I kept looking for it, hoping I would find it in a drawer somewhere along the lines, maybe a sock drawer…but I never did,” Sean Emery says.

The new owner of the house who found the ring got in touch with them through a Glen Rock community Facebook group.

The couple say they are grateful to have found a new friend and be reunited with the ring.