Wedding vendors plan ceremony, now in search of a lucky couple

WACO, Texas — Something old, something new, and maybe even something borrowed?

Wedding vendors across Central Texas are getting together to plan the perfect wedding while also showcasing their craft, the only thing they are missing is a couple.

Brienna Smith, owner of Legacy Impressions, has worked dozens of weddings over the past couple of years… helping brides and grooms make it down the aisle.

But, this time, she gathered local vendors to help put together a wedding to not only celebrate one special couple’s forever commitment, but to also showcase their own skills and craft.

“We are going to do the whole thing, like I want a real wedding so people can actually see what we do and appreciate that art,” Smith said.

The only thing still missing is a pair of lovers.

“I am excited for anyone to make that leap of faith. To make that jump to somebody else as a life partner,” Mallory Ordones, one of the makeup artists for the wedding, said.

With a date already set and 15 vendors signed up, ranging from caterers, videographers, and make-up artists, the entire wedding is completely planned. All a couple has to do is show up.

“That is going to take a 1000% of stress off of some lucky bride and groom,” Smith said.

Ordones will be one of the makeup artists at the event. She has been doing make-up for over five years, helping brides on their special day.

“That is what I am the most excited about,” Ordones said. “Is making somebody feel beautiful to walk down an aisle, even in the most non-traditional way.”

And while this is a quick and unique way to celebrate a marriage, COVID-19 has taken many lives the past two years, so Smith asks any happy couple out there, why wait?

“We have mental illnesses, sicknesses, accidents on the roads, things like that. We don’t know who is going to be here tomorrow,” Smith said.

Brienna and the other vendors will be picking a lucky couple for the discounted wedding by the end of the month. The event will be a ‘micro-wedding’, so only 45 guests or less. For more information, email

So, if you are ready to walk down the aisle, bring your something borrowed, something blue, and on March 6… you could be saying ‘I do’.