Wedding venue on a Mount Sterling flower farm

Our Q&A series introduces our advertising partners

Tell us about yourself as one of the faces behind Flora and Field? 

I’m Theresa Berger, owner of Flora and Field. Originally from Illinois, I have a background in fine arts and engineering and have been designing interior and exterior spaces for as long as I can remember. I’m passionate—some say a perfectionist—about hospitality, one-of-a-kind experiences and simple elegance. I love good design. I mean, I really, really love good design. Virtually everything on our property was built after a Sunday morning session with a pencil, graph paper and coffee. It’s my juice.  

I’ve traveled the world and lived in the biggest of big cities, but I found a small slice of heaven in Pickaway County. There, on our 30 acres of flowers and nature, I reside with my hubby, Joe, a partner and financial adviser, and Ruthie, our energetic Airedale. Our three sons are all following their dreams in major U.S. cities and, even though we miss them, we could not be more proud. I’m blessed to have the support of my family and blessed to have my clients trust me and become friends.  

To me, this business is more than a place to get married—it’s a magical place that was destined to bring people together. I love it. It’s my passion. 

What should readers know about your business? 

Flora and Field began as a flower farm with a beautiful Amish-built barn used to process and arrange flowers. A local pharmacist asked to get married in the barn, and that’s when everything changed! In short order, an open-air reception space was attached to the main barn in clear view of the dahlia fields. Since 2018, an open ceremony barn with stage, bridal salon and house, cocktail patio and bar, floral design studio, GQ lounge, and private gated entrance has been built or remodeled to complete the ultimate wedding complex. The airy and expansive event space is now over 11,000 square feet. And we’re not done! 

Flora and Field is different. We love reinventing the typical wedding package and solving the typical headaches. No more DIY designs and late-night family setup—Flora and Field offers a pampered experience that focuses on a seamless, stress-free day. A wedding at Flora and Field includes florals, coordination, set-up/teardown, thousands of décor items, bar services, designer tables and chairs, use of an executive home with salon, and the new GQ lounge. Everything is on the property and wonderfully convenient. And at night’s end? Nearby lodging is available. 

What sets you apart from other venues? 

Yes, we have natural beauty and flowers. Yes, we have the most amazing amenities and services. But what really sets us apart? Our clients!  

Our clients are special. Flora and Field couples are successful and busy achieving their dreams. They may be local or live in another state or country, but they know what’s important: family and friends. So, no matter how beautiful the wedding, our couples shine because they are good people and they focus on relationships. They trust us, and we trust them. Our couples are simply the best! 

What can engaged couples expect with working with Flora and Field? 

We’re invested! We offer several meetings and calls to make sure couples stay on track. Our well-organized planning process includes vendor referrals, a floral and décor meeting, a bar service meeting, a timeline and logistics meeting, and general best practices and advice, so couples don’t spend money on unnecessary things. We’ll help you all along the way. 

What is something you wish more clients knew about wedding planning? 

For the ultimate experience, plan your wedding as if you were a guest. Will guests wait long for food or beverages? Will guests hear the toasts? Will guests be comfortable? A great wedding depends on happy guests who enjoy their surroundings. Sadly, guests will leave early if they feel unappreciated or mistreated. Ensure your guests are treated well, and you’ll have a full dance floor until the very end. 

You include so much. Are you expensive? 

We’re a good match for couples who want an elevated experience and professional assistance. We’re not the least expensive, but we offer a tremendous value for the right couple. If you choose among our favorite vendors and make practical choices, your total wedding cost could be near the local average. Payment options are available. 

What days do you offer weddings, and what is your availability?  

We offer Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings in 2023 (limited dates still available) and 2024.