Wedding Wisdom Wednesday: Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Local wedding pros share insight and tips for planning your wedding.

Anjali Phougat
 |  Columbus Monthly

A wedding is such a special moment in life, and every bride dreams of looking like a beautiful diva. This can be achieved with a perfect wedding dress, but you’ll also need the right accessories, hairstyle and makeup. Once you’ve said yes to the dress, all you need to top it off is the right jewelry. 

But how do you find it? Jewelry can be very emotional and sentimental, and every piece of jewelry tells a story.  On top of that, fashion is ever-changing, and bridal trends will come and go. I think there is something beautiful about intricate jewelry, and brides should be willing to embrace that and be fearless when it comes to style and color. But what matters most is that your wedding-day style matches your personality. And remember, the happiest brides are the prettiest!  

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your journey to being the stunning bride you always imagined.   

Unique Hair Accessory 

Wedding hair accessories are the best way to add mesmerizing details to your wedding ensemble. Pick wedding hair accessories that complement your dress, veil or any other wedding-day accessories you’ve lined up for your look. Big, voluminous hair styles should be paired with heavier wedding hair accessories like a tiara or crystal drop chain, while daintier and simpler pieces are more suitable for shorter, sleeker or more minimalist hairstyles. Adding decorative pins or combs can be the finishing touch to an elegant ensemble. If you are planning to change outfits between your ceremony and reception, plan to change your hair accessories as well for a complete transformation. The hairstyle paired with a handmade, fresh succulent accessory, at right, is my personal favorite.  

Stylish Hand Accessories 

Pick some unique hand accessories, like chic, pearl-embroidered gloves and bracelet, or get your names or wedding date engraved on a customized bracelet for a regal and meaningful look. A statement bracelet and an eye-catching cocktail ring embody contemporary glamour. The way you style accessories can change an outfit completely, making fashion magic. I love the pearl bracelet on the right. 

Statement Choker or Bib

For a unique look, think outside the box and opt for a neckpiece that has a personal touch. Emerald or ruby chokers or bibs are great choice to break the monotony, or you can use a meaningful heirloom necklace. A lot of brides these days are opting for lightweight and minimal neck pieces as their wedding jewelry. It’s practical, too: You can easily wear a simple necklace or earrings to other occasions after your wedding.  Pick something simple, minimal and perfect to wear with all kinds of outfits. The choker set on the rightis my top choice. 

Comfortable, Embellished Shoes 

It is extremely essential to pick comfortable yet gorgeous shoes to complete the look. The combination of comfort and style is essential to keep in mind to feel your best on your special day. Do not hesitate to pick gem-studded or customized embroidered shoes to add the right amount of dazzle for your special day! 

You should start exploring designs you like a few months before your wedding date, when you have a rough idea of what you will be wearing for the various functions of your wedding weekend. Be sure to finalize your accessories only after you have decided on your ensembles, as your bling should match the style and cut of the outfits. 

Anjali Phougat is a Central Ohio-based fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, entrepreneur and founder of Designer Dream Collection, a luxury brand in the fashion industry. She specializes in wedding styling and has gained national attention through her work and contributions in the fashion world, beauty pageants and New York Fashion Week.