#WEDDINGS: Couple Skips Wedding & Takes Four Honeymoons Instead! | 97.1 WASH-FM

Some brides dream of walking down the aisle in a big white dress with hundreds of guests looking on, but others think the stress of planning such an event is more trouble than it’s worth.

A bride and groom who were feeling overwhelmed by planning their extravagant wedding ceremony decided to ditch the whole thing and elope instead. And they spent the money they would have spent on the wedding on four luxurious honeymoons instead.

Yulia Thomas shared a TikTok video explaining that the process of planning their wedding became “stressful” for her and her now-husband as their families were “pulling them in two different directions.” On top of that, this bride says, “I didn’t want to entertain guests and didn’t care for the wedding dress.” So one day, the couple called two of their besties and got married three hours later with their friends by their side.

With the ceremony behind them, the newlyweds took the money they were saving for their wedding and put it towards four different high-end honeymoons in Greece, Italy, Hawaii and Morocco. In her video, Yulia says she feels weddings are generally “overwhelmingly overpriced,” and tells followers, “It’s your life and you should celebrate it however you want.”

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