Weddings make a comeback after pandemic delays

EUGENE, Ore. — Wedding bells are filling the air again after couples were forced to put a pause on saying “I do” during the pandemic.

Local vendors are working to adjust to the high demand for the coming year.

Doug Oldfield, the general manager at Pfeiffer Winery, said they’re expecting several dozen weddings to take place from now until the end of next year.

“First of all, start early: we are getting a lot of requests, so we are booking out well in advance,” Oldfield said.

Oldfield said it’s important for couples to book now.

“So, my advice would be to start as early as possible, to be flexible,  knowing that we don’t know what tomorrow could bring in regarding COVID regulations,” Oldfield said.

According to The Knot, a popular wedding website, the coming months are anticipated to be some of the busiest for weddings in decades. Just four in 10 couples actually moved forward with their 2020 wedding. Thirty-two percent moved their reception to this year or later. And 15 percent postponed their wedding altogether.

KEZI talked to Julianne Mayerwilske, who runs a local flower shop out of her garage called Garden Girl Flowers. Mayerwilske said her phone is constantly ringing with wedding requests. She said prices have inched up because of the high demand.

“Instead of just doing Saturday weddings or having a couple on the weekend, we have weddings all during the week and on the weekend, including Sunday,” Mayerwilske said.

Mayerwilske, too, is urging couples to get their orders in early. But she said the most challenging part about the increase is having to turn some couples away.