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Welcome, all lovebirds and romance lovers! Consider this book review your formal invitation to read Lauren Edmondson’s newest novel, Wedding of the Season! And whether you’re betrothed or not, you’re bound to zip through this book.

Wedding of the Season is packed with all the drama and fights that come with wedding planning. It can get a little too real between the families, especially when the mothers don’t agree. (*nervous chuckle*) OK! Let’s get into why we loved reading this book!

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Book Overview

Content Warning: mention of cancer

Summary: It’s the wedding of the season and all of Newport is abuzz in this funny, joyous, whip-smart novel about two modern-day society families and the summer wedding that has the whole town talking…

Despite its beauty, Newport is a place Cass Coventry would prefer to forget. But after an extended absence, she’s back in her hometown to celebrate her sister’s engagement—even if she’s marrying into the family that famously stole the Gilded Age Coventry mansion out from under them a decade ago.

The moment Cass pulls up to the estate, she’s in for one surprise after another. The bride-to-be is hiding a big secret. Her mother has royal-wedding aspirations. And, when the date is set for only three months away, a local gossip blog makes the two families its new favorite subject.

It’s not long before Cass’s weekend in town becomes a full summer of frenzied wedding planning and society drama—but also idyllic sails, starry nights, and a former love. As the grand affair arrives, along with new truths about her family, Cass must finally face her own thorny past in Newport and decide how to honor the Coventry legacy in all its chaotic glory.

The Juicy Drama

For the record, we all know wedding planning is dramatic enough already. But when an anonymous Instagram account keeps tabs on your dysfunctional family and gossips about it, the drama is on another level! Many chapters in Wedding of the Season start with a new post updating the public on the Coventry-Utterback feud, and we live for the Gossip Girl vibes. From Cass’s long-overdue return to an eviction notice kept secret, there’s much to talk about! And though we should’ve known it all along, we weren’t expecting the big reveal at the end.

The Overall Pacing

Lauren Edmondson splits the book into the months leading up to the wedding, from May to September. We can’t imagine having to plan a wedding in less than three months, but Cass and her family somehow pull through and make it happen for Maggie and Jack. The pacing is great, and we get crucial details of all the chaos without it dragging on for too long. We can appreciate how well the timeline flows without the feeling of a rushed ending.

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Wedding of the Season by Lauren Edmondson is out February 21st and is available for preorder here!

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