West Bengal Bride and Groom Ride Home on Bike After Wedding Amid Awed Crowds

Last Updated: January 11, 2023, 15:04 IST

Crowds gathered to watch Biswajit leave for his wedding on a bike. (Credits: News18)

Biswajit and Poulomi had a very special bike add a new dimension to their wedding in West Bengal’s Canning.

A groom from West Bengal’s Canning recently became the centre of all attention by pulling off a little stunt after his wedding. Biswajit Sarkar, a young man from Mamata Pally in Canning, brought his wife home after the ceremony on his bike. The two would be taking rides on the two-wheeler while they were dating. So he rode the same bike to marry his partner at the start of the ceremony as well.

Afterwards, he returned home on the bike with his newly-wedded bride. Once the news spread about the groom riding to the wedding on his bike, crowds gathered by the sides of the street to watch the spectacle.

Some people even took photos on their mobile phones of the whole incident. Akshay Sarkar, Biswajit’s father, is a resident of Mamata Pally in Matla 2 Panchayat of Canning. He lives with his wife Kanan and only child Biswajit. Biswajit has been a brilliant student since his childhood.

His courtship with Poulomi Bera took off next to the old riverbanks of Canning. They would take rides together on the bike. After graduating, Poulomi and Biswajit got married with the consent of their families.

A few days before the wedding, Biswajit had a discussion with his friends about renting a car for the wedding. A close friend of his suggested that he should do something unique instead- “because marriage will not happen more than once.”

The motorbike was decorated with flowers, and the bridegroom, with a garland around his neck, rode it to the wedding venue. Poulomi, on the other hand, reached the church to get married in a wedding trousseau by motorbike. The wedding ceremony was concluded at a church in Canning.

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