WestJet’s “Wedding Singer” Flight Attendant

While airlines will often get involved in planning weddings or engagements for avgeeks, here’s a fun and unconventional twist on that.

On July 14, 2022, a woman named Allison was traveling from Vancouver (YVR) to Los Angeles (LAX) for her bachelorette party with WestJet on flight WS1698.

Unbeknownst to Allison, her fiancé, Shaun, had been in touch with the airline to plan a special surprise. Specifically, once Allison was seated, the flight attendant, Ryan, had a special message for her:

“Allison, I have a special message for you right here on this note. He loves you very much and can’t wait to marry you. I know you’re going for your bachelorette party, so he wants me to do something very special for you before we take off. So the song’s called ‘I Want To Grow Old With You,’ it’s from the Wedding Singer. It’s when Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore on a flight like this, except we don’t have first class. Allison, this is for you, please don’t judge me, I’m just the flight attendant, okay?”

You can see the video for yourself below.

And for context, below is the original version from the movie in 1998.

How cute, and also huge kudos to Ryan, because it takes guts to sing in front of a cabin — he did an amazing job making this fun!