What happened to Evelyn Ellis’ lips? MAFS’ ‘hottest bride ever’ reveals her bizarre pout

Evelyn Ellis, the former star of Married at First Sight UK, has caused quite a stir on social media with her unusual lip pout. The self-proclaimed “hottest bride ever” has been in the limelight for her cosmetic enhancements, but her latest transformation has people scratching their heads.

Raised in London, Evelyn came to prominence on the reality TV show, where she married Australian businessman, Anthony Manton. However, after the show ended, she began to make a name for herself on Instagram, thanks in part to her sexy snaps and sultry pouts.

But her appearance has changed dramatically since her time on the show, and fans have been left wondering what happened to her lips. While Evelyn has never been secretive about her love of lip fillers, her most recent look takes things to a whole new level.

Many people believe that Evelyn has undergone a strange procedure that has given her a ‘duck face’ look. But is this really the case? We decided to investigate further and find out what really happened to Evelyn Ellis’s lips.

It seems that Evelyn has indeed undergone a lip filler treatment that has gone terribly wrong. In fact, the results were so bad that they had to be corrected later on.

At first glance, it appears that Evelyn may have had botched lip injections, which made her lips elongated in a way that is not flattering. People have pointed out that her lips seem to have gone beyond plump and are sticking out like sausages.

However, according to industry experts, this is not entirely true. Rather than botched fillers, it seems that Evelyn got carried away with a type of filler that tends to create a more ‘structured’ look. This is not always the most desirable result, as it can make the person’s lips look more like an inflated balloon than a fuller lip.

Additionally, it is believed that the procedure was carried out by an inexperienced practitioner, which led to the poor results. When it comes to lip fillers, it is important to always choose a qualified and experienced practitioner. Unfortunately, Evelyn’s own choice led to her current pout.

Despite the poor results, Evelyn has taken ownership of her look and has refused to have the filler removed. In fact, she has been quite vocal on social media about how proud she is of her appearance. However, this has been met with a mixed reaction from her followers, some of whom love the look, and others who are concerned for her.

So, what can we learn from Evelyn Ellis’s experience? Well, firstly, it is important to do your research before undergoing any cosmetic procedures. With the rise of non-invasive cosmetic treatments, it can be tempting to jump in headfirst without considering the consequences. But as Evelyn’s experience shows, this can be a costly mistake.

Secondly, it is important to choose a practitioner who is qualified and experienced. While there are many reputable clinics out there, there are also a lot of unscrupulous operators who will do anything to make a quick buck. By choosing a qualified practitioner, you can ensure that your results will be safe and effective.

Finally, it is important to be comfortable in your own skin. While cosmetic treatments can be a great way to enhance your natural beauty, they should not be something that you rely on to feel good about yourself. As Evelyn herself has said, “I love myself, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks”. And ultimately, that is the most important thing of all.

In conclusion, Evelyn Ellis’s lip pout may have caused a stir on social media, but it also serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of doing your research before undergoing cosmetic treatments. While we may all want to look our best, it is important to remember that cosmetic treatments should be a choice, not a necessity. And if you do choose to undergo any treatments, make sure that you do so safely and with a qualified, experienced practitioner.