What is a Pocket Square Boutonniere

Move over traditional boutonnieres, floral pocket squares are fast becoming the go-to for grooms and their wedding party, and even wedding guests who want to give their look a unique edge. These blooming pops of colour are statement accessory to finish off any suit, and are so easy to wear as they simply sit in a suit pocket, no fiddly pins necessary.  Pocket square boutonnieres, also referred to as floral pocket squares or floral pocket boutonnieres or pocket square buttonholes, are easily customisable, functional and versatile and can range from delicate sprigs of dried flowers, to a bold, punchy fresh flower hit. Just ask your florist for ideas, or if you’re crafty and green-fingered, they would make for a great DIY project. Etsy has lots of great options too. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about pocket square boutonnieres and even how to create your own.

Photo by Rebekah Emily Photography Via Style Me Pretty

pocket square boutonniere

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What is a Pocket Square Boutonniere?

A pocket square boutonniere is similar to a traditional boutonniere or buttonhole, apart from the fact that the florals are attached to a flat piece of card which is placed inside the front pocket of a blazer or suit jacket like a pocket square, rather than pinned onto the lapel in a bunch.

Why Choose a Pocket Square Boutonniere?

The trend has been around for a while, but pocket square boutonnieres have taken off more as grooms look for different ways to accessorise their look. The effect is quite seamless, and the arrangements tend to be wide and flat, and so can really show off different types of flowers used. Also traditional boutonnieres can be difficult to pin and keep in position, and can potentially cause the fabric of the groom’s suit to snag. (We have a whole post on buttonhole etiquette here!). Also if the pin holding the boutonniere isn’t secured properly and your boutonniere might end up at a funny angle as the day goes on – a potentially unsightly distraction in your wedding photos.

pocket square boutonniere

Photo by Something New Florals

How to Make a Pocket Square Boutonniere

  • Cut out a piece of thick, sturdy card that fits into the breast pocket of the suit.
  • Lay out your flowers for your arrangement on the card. Remember only what’s at the top of the card will be seen.
  • Use differents textures and florals of different heights for the best results.
  • Attach your floral arrangement using floral glue.
  • Wrapping the card covering the stems in a material of your choosing such as twine, or a smooth fabric like ribbon for easier insertion.
  • If using fresh flowers put the fridge in the lead up to your special day.

Top Tip: Dried flowers are the easiest to use for a DIY  pocket square boutonniere. However, if using fresh flowers, start this project as close as possible to the wedding day so your boutonniere does not wilt. We also highly recommend a trial run.

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