What is the most expensive wedding bouquet?

WEDDING bouquets do not come cheap.

However, there are certain options that cost much more than others.


A female florist making a bouquet of flowersCredit: Getty Images

What is the most expensive wedding bouquet?

The most expensive wedding bouquet is the “Thien Hoa Bach Ngoc” bouquet.

This is not your average floral arrangement.

According to Luxuo, the name of this bouquet translates to “Thousands of Flowers, Hundreds of Gemstones,” and it contains white orchids, white roses, white lilies, and moonflowers.

It also contains different paints, rubies, gemstones, diamonds, feathers, multiple types of stones, and roots from the Ficus tree.

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The publication also states that the gems and flowers that make up this bouquet lead to its hefty price of $125,000.

This cost also earned this bouquet a spot in the Guinness World Records book in Vietnam.

Therefore, it is unlikely you will spot this floral arrangement at the average wedding.

How much do wedding bouquets cost on average?

According to Wedding Wire, wedding flowers usually cost couples between $700 to $2,500.

On average, couples spend $1,500 on these flowers.

However, while less common, some partners will keep their floral budget at or below $175.

On the other hand, some couples will have a higher floral budget and will spend upwards of $4,000, with $4,200 being the average ‘upper range.’

Typically, the cost of a bridesmaid bouquet is significantly cheaper than that of a bride’s floral arrangement.

According to the publication, the average price of a bridal bouquet is $160, while the average price tag for a bridesmaid bouquet is $75.

What are other pricey wedding bouquets?

As Wedding Wire notes, hydrangeas, peonies, and gardenias are “the most expensive flowers.”

The bride and bridesmaids at a wedding holding bouquets of flowers


The bride and bridesmaids at a wedding holding bouquets of flowersCredit: Getty Images

However, the creative director of Botanica Design Studio, Zoë Gallina, told Veranda: “Generally, the most expensive flowers in a bouquet are phalaenopsis orchids.”

She continued: “They’re priced per stem, so while a spray rose might retail around $3 per stem, a phalaenopsis might retail for about $100 per stem.”

Botanica Design Studio is located in Tampa, Florida.

The publication also noted that lilies of the valley are another popular pricey wedding flower.

Therefore, bouquets containing these types of flowers will be on the pricier side.

Of course, the cost will also depend on the number of flowers used, and the bouquet could be cheaper if combined with a less expensive flower.