What is the traditional job of a best man at a wedding? It’s a LOT more intimate than you think

BEING asked to be a best man is a great honour.

But with the role comes a lot of responsibility – from arranging the stag do to keeping the rings safe, here’s everything you need to know.


The role of best man comes with a lot of responsibilityCredit: Getty

What is the best man’s role at a wedding?

The best man is the groom’s right-hand man (or woman) at a wedding – and the role comes with a lot of responsibilities both before and during the big day.

Before the wedding, the best man will plan and arrange the groom’s stag do, assist with picking the suits, organise a groomsmen gift for the groom and arrange transportation for the newlyweds.

Above all else – keep the rings safe if asked to be the ring bearer.

With such an important role also comes the responsibility of writing a brilliant best man speech to share during the wedding reception.

During the nuptials, it’s the best mans responsibility is to ensure the happy couple’s big day runs smoothly – from start to finish.

The best man is also often in charge of the groomsmen – making sure they are all suited and booted on time ready for the blushing bride to walk down the aisle.

Once the celebrations begin, the fizz is flowing and the music is playing, the best man traditionally takes to the dancefloor for a special dance with the maid of honor.

Above all he’s there to support the groom the best he can – and help with his nerves.

Who can be a best man?

There are no set rules surrounding who can be assigned the role of best man – the choice is entirely yours.

Just choose someone really important to you.

The best man is usually a close friend or relative of the groom.

Sometimes its a sibling, childhood friend, or father of the husband to be.

Some grooms even have more than one best man at the wedding if they can’t decide on just one important person in their life.

There’s no rule that says the best man has to be a man either – a woman can also make the perfect best woman.

How long should a best man’s speech be?

Again, there’s no strict rule on how long a best man’s speech should be or how you have to deliver it.

Some people even choose to write their speech in the form of a song and dazzle the wedding party with their lyrics.

However, according to speech experts, just under ten minutes is the perfect time to have wedding party and guests laughing and smiling.

The average person speaks somewhere between 125 to 150 words per minute – try to keep this in mind when you’re putting pen to paper.

Here’s some tips and tricks according to experts when it comes to writing the perfect best man’s speech.

  • Use anecdotes
  • Tell a story
  • Don’t waffle
  • Delivery is everything
  • Don’t forget to talk about the bride
  • Raise your glass to the happy couple
  • Don’t mention ex partners

If you’re ever in doubt about something in your speech, check it with the groom or at least run it by another groomsman.


As much as you want everything to be a surprise, it’s also worth understanding the boundaries, so your speech is positively received on the day.

What are other important roles in a wedding?

There are a number of important roles to consider when planning a wedding.

Here we take a look at some of the important roles.

Before we do, remember the this choice is entirely yours when it comes to how big or small your wedding party is.

  • Mother of the bride
  • Father of the groom
  • Father of the bride
  • Father of the groom
  • Maid of honor/Man of honor
  • Best man or woman
  • Flower girls
  • Page boys
  • Ring bearer
  • Bridesmaids or bridesmen
  • Groomsmen/groomswomen

When it comes to deciding who to bring into your wedding part, simply choose those who you want by your side.