What should you wear to a fall wedding?

AUTUMN can be the ideal time for a wedding: it’s not too hot, not yet freezing, and your fashion choices are all extremely flattering.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide on what to wear to a fall wedding below, as well as some pointers on fashion mistakes to avoid.


Fall weddings are usually the ideal temperature for indoor or outdoor ceremoniesCredit: Getty

What should you wear to a fall wedding?

What you should wear to a fall wedding depends on several factors.

First, there’s the climate where you’ll be attending the wedding.

Then, there’s the venue itself.

You should also consider the vibe of the couple who is getting married.

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Finally, there’s the wedding dress code.

What are the trends for fall weddings?

Regardless of these factors, though, the following are ways to nail the fall wedding look:

  • Wear jewel tones: think fuchsia, emerald, teal, and plum
  • Vibe with nature: get inspired by the changing leaves and opt for burnt orange, yellow, or a maroon color
  • Play with patterns: just because it’s fall doesn’t mean there aren’t patterns you can optimize
  • Accessorize: unless your dress is already busy with patterns, you’ll want to accessorize a solid dress with fun and funky jewelry
  • Wear the right shoes: if the wedding you’re attending is indoors or fancier, consider slingback heels or stilettos to pull your look together; if it’s outside or casual, think trendy boots
  • Play with texture: Whether it’s an unexpected leather jacket over a satin dress or a fur wrap around a patterned dress, playing with textures can be a fun way to mix it up this season
  • Wear layers: tights or hose are typically a good call, as are wraps and jackets

In addition to nailing the fall look, here are some fashion don’ts for wedding guests:

  • Don’t just throw a jacket over a summer sun dress and assume it’ll look right
  • Don’t wear off-white just because it’s trending; it’s still white
  • Don’t wear pastels or other spring or summery colors
  • Don’t wear sandals with open toes if you’re going to wear tights or hose
  • Don’t wear a denim jacket unless it’s a casual wedding

What are the different wedding dress codes?

Black-tie or formal: Men should wear tuxedos, and women should wear their fanciest gowns

Black-tie optional: Dark suits for men and women should wear cocktail dresses (long dresses are okay)

A good example of a black-toe optional outfit for a woman


A good example of a black-toe optional outfit for a womanCredit: Getty

Semiformal or cocktail: Men should wear suits with jackets and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses

Casual: Still dressy but without all of the rules of the above looks; think church attire or slightly nicer.