What should you wear to a winter wedding?

YOU WANT to make an impression as a wedding guest this winter, but you also want to be careful not to outshine the bride or her wedding party.

If you’re confused about what to wear, we’re breaking down dress codes and winter wedding do’s and don’ts.


Prepare for the party by knowing you look good going inCredit: Getty

What should you wear to a winter wedding?

The first things to consider are the venue and the dress code of the wedding you’re planning to attend.

If you’re attending a cocktail, black-tie optional, or black-tie event, your dress is allowed to have an extra flair in the winter.

Whether you want to wear sequins, a chic flapper-style dress with tassels, or a thick velvet midi dress, you’re in luck because all of these are in style for winter weather.

Due to most weddings in the winter (or receptions) lasting until after dark, you’re allowed to break a traditional rule or two regarding how dressy you want to dress.

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What are the rules for dressing for winter weddings?

The good news is: most of the traditional rules fly out the window when dressing for a winter wedding.

There are a few that you should keep in mind, however, to not stick out like a tacky thumb.


  • Wear white or cream (it’s still the bride’s day)
  • Wear bright red (even if it’s in the holiday season)
  • Wear bright red with green (it comes off as tacky)
  • Wear a mini dress without hose or tights
  • Forget to layer with your favorite fabrics
  • Forget a jacket or shawl or wrap


  • Wear your little black dress with patterned tights
  • Go bold with your color choice (deep jewel tones are super chic)
  • Get festive with sequins or decadent jewelry
  • Wear long sleeves on a midi or maxi dress
  • Play with patterns and fabrics like lace and velvet
  • Coordinate with your date, if you want to

What should I wear to a casual winter wedding?

The venue is probably the most important factor if you’re going to a casual winter wedding or one where you’ll be home before it gets dark outside.

If you’re going to a church wedding, dressing like you’re going to a service in said church is a good standard for a casual winter wedding.

That means a dress for women and dress pants in a dress shirt for men.

Wear a shape-hugging dress in velvet and you'll fit in at any wedding


Wear a shape-hugging dress in velvet and you’ll fit in at any weddingCredit: Getty

Just because it’s a casual event doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your look for winter, though!

Get creative and wear your favorite booties with patterned tights and a cute skirt or a sweater dress with a leather jacket.