What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

Since many decide to keep their dress to later pass to their children, a wedding preservation box could be the solution. According to Brides, these kits average between $200 and $300 and provide everything to properly store your dress. The kits are either sent to you directly or involve you sending your wedding dress to be packaged by a professional. This method is one of the best ways you can maintain the style of your wedding dress without exposing it to wear and tear over time.

Another option for those who want to reuse their wedding dress is to transform it. Depending on the style and fabric, you can easily re-dye it to another color to turn it into a beautiful evening gown. Re-dying is easier with silk gowns as silk is the easiest material to alter when it comes to color. In the end, you have a silk gown that you can use for a formal event or date night. You can also alter your dress to create a shorter, mini version if you prefer something less formal (via Refinery29).

According to The Knot, the less conventional method of repurposing your dress is by making it into home decor. With your dress fabric, you can also turn it into throw pillows, quilts, or tablecloths. If you want to make a statement, you can also have your dress framed to turn it into sentimental wall art.