What Twitter Really Thinks About The Pioneer Woman’s Wedding Special

Longtime fans of “The Pioneer Woman” remember meeting Alex Drummond as a teenage girl, so of course they had some big feelings when it came to seeing her wedding unfold. “Feel like I know this family after all these years & love they are letting us in on the big wedding of Alex & Mauricio,” one fan tweeted.

“Watching Pioneer Woman and her daughter’s getting married is making me sentimental. Congratulations to Alex and Mauricio,” another added. Even a seasoned wedding professional admitted it was heartwarming to watch. “I am a #weddingplanner & have planned more than 1,000 #weddings & here I am tearing up at the @thepioneerwoman episode of her daughter’s #wedding,” she wrote.

For fans who have followed the family’s journey, it was simply a beautiful full-circle moment for a familiar family, as another fan pointed out. “Am I crying watching Alex and Mauricio’s wedding? Yes, yes I am.???@thepioneerwoman, I’m the same age as Alex (I think) and I’ve grown up with your family…congrats to all!”