What We Know About Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s Wedding so Far

When it comes to Bachelor Nation, Bachelor in Paradise couple Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin make up one of the fans’ favorite pairings. The two met and became engaged on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2019. Here’s what Showbiz knows about the couple’s upcoming wedding.

(L-R) Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin have ‘seen some’ wedding ‘venues’

Even though they became engaged in 2019, Barbour and Godwin used the initial period after Bachelor in Paradise aired to get to know one another.

Since then, Barbour and Godwin have moved in together and bought a house together. According to BachelorNation.com, Godwin discussed her future wedding to Barbour on a recent Instagram story.

“I’m telling you guys, we will give you an update as soon as we have one. I will say we’ve sneakily seen some venues and we know one that we really like. We’re trying to figure things out,” Godwin said in the Instagram story.

According to BachelorNation.com, Godwin added that she and Barbour are “not trying to be annoying and private about it, we’ve just been in a spot a few times where we thought we had one then something either happened logistically/financially/scheduling wise.”

Hannah Godwin feels ‘pressure’ planning her wedding to Dylan Barbour

On the Instagram story, a fan asked about how Godwin was handling the “pressure” of making sure other people approve of her and Barbour’s wedding choices.

“I really do wonder if it weren’t for the ‘pressure’ if we would’ve already tied the knot by now. Something about people expecting such a big thing from you takes away the special part of the wedding day in my opinion,” Godwin admitted according to BachelorNation.com.

She continued, “Tuning everything out makes it feel more like an ‘us’ decision and special. I love that people are invested but neither of us want to get married just because so many people are begging us to at this point. Does that make sense lol? We are excited to move forward (hopefully) with some things that WE love!”

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple originally postponed their wedding

Godwin and Barbour originally planned to get married sooner, but in 2022 the two made the decision to postpone planning for a wedding. Their reason? The couple bought a new house together.

“So yeah, the whole wedding update thing,” Godwin said on her Instagram story according to People Magazine. “We did a lot of research and all of this stuff, and then all of a sudden, we decided to buy a new house. And there’s only so much money in the world.”

Even though the couple quickly resumed their wedding planning after moving, Barbour and Godwin revealed to People Magazine that they do not feel a rush to get married because of how secure they are in their relationship.

“We’ve lived in four places together, essentially owned two houses,” Barbour told People Magazine. “Both our moms live five blocks away. So it’s kind of just like, ‘Yeah, I feel like we’re married.’”

One thing is for sure, whenever Godwin and Barbour do tie the knot, Bachelor Nation fans will be excited for the popular couple.