When You’re Engaged, Personalized Gifts Make the Best Presents for Your VIPs

Pssst. Want to hear something that might just turn your world upside down (in the best. way. possible., that is)? When it comes to the holidays and shopping for gifts for your favorite people, being engaged has its advantages! We’re not talking about the new bling and endless best wishes from close friends, fam, coworkers, acquaintances, even strangers, either. Nope! We’re referring, instead, to the idea that as a soon-to-be-wed, you have full license to lean into your newly-engaged cachet. This is a major moment and milestone in your life, so why not revel in your impending nuptials and get your bests a personalized something that says “Be here, live in this limelight with me – because you’re going to be a big part of my day and, of course, the future to come!” 

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