Which Big Brother 24 Stars Will Be Invited To Matt Turner’s Wedding

Shortly after Big Brother, Matthew “Turner” Turner proposed to his girlfriend. Now, he is revealing which BB24 stars will be invited to the wedding.

Matthew Turner in Big Brother 24

Matthew “Turner” Turner from Big Brother 24 is getting married, and some of his fellow houseguests might attend the wedding. When the show wrapped in September, Turner made it all the way through to the finale and took home third place. He played a fantastic game, and although he did not win the prize, he did win something else. While in the BB house, Turner gushed about his longtime girlfriend, Megan Belmonte. Shortly after appearing on the show, Turner proposed to his girlfriend of a little over three years to which she happily accepted.


Now, according to CheatSheet, Turner shared on YouTube which Big Brother 24 houseguests the newly-engaged couple plans to invite to the wedding. In the video, Turner and Megan shared their top three houseguests they would like to invite. Megan stated she would like to invite Big Brother 24 winner, Taylor Hale, Indy Santos, and Jasmine Davis, whereas Turner selected Joseph Abdin, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, and Alyssa Snider. However, even though the couple did not want to single anyone out, it seems like one houseguest will almost certainly not be in attendance at the wedding.

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Turner Does Not Want To Invite Daniel Durston

Daniel Durston on Big Brother

Even though it seems like many Big Brother 24 castmates will be getting an invitation, Turner says that Daniel Durston was his least favorite houseguest, leading many to believe that Daniel will not be invited to the nuptials. Even though the two seemed to be cordial while appearing on the CBS reality show, things must have taken a turn for the worst. It is unknown what caused the rift between the two, but it seems safe to say that Vegas performer Daniel will not be attending.

Despite not winning the $750,000 grand prize on Big Brother, Turner did win another prize when it comes to proposing to his girlfriend Megan. Big Brother fans saw Turner gush over his soon-to-be-bride, and when things were made official, they couldn’t have been happier for the two. It looks like Turner has finally found happiness with his fiancé Megan outside of starring on Big Brother.

As of right now, no official wedding date has been set for the happy couple. However, it appears that Turner and Megan may be planning to officially tie the knot on May 5, 2023. Until then, fans will just have to keep their eyes peeled to see when the couple actually decide to tie the knot. Now, viewers will just have to wait and see when the pair gets married, and which of Turner’s Big Brother 24 cast members will be invited to the big day.

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Source: CheatSheet, Turner/YouTube