Why is Katie in a wedding dress?

As you look towards The Bachelorette episode 6, what in the world is going on with Katie Thurston? Did she find her perfect guy and is getting married next week?

Okay, so the answer to that is probably a no … but the producers clearly want you to think that for a moment. How else can you explain the photo above from the next all-new episode of the show? (We can only imagine how some of the in-episode promos could hype this up!)

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According to the official episode 6 synopsis, “one lucky man opens up to Katie with vows of his own in a ceremonious one-on-one date.” So clearly, this is something producers set up so that a guy could make a lot of promises to Katie and vice-versa. Honestly, we’re not sure if a simulated wedding is the best one-on-one date that you can have. Can’t it be a little awkward if that person isn’t at the top of your list?

If we were someone on this date, the #1 goal has to be to just have fun with it. Be serious when you need to, but also remember that this isn’t your actual wedding. Everyone should know when going on the show that experienced are heightened for television and to create the biggest spectacle possible. It’s your job while building a relationship to find a little bit of normalcy along the way.

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