Why Tyler and High Hill Development Are Becoming New Hubs for North Texans

Since the pandemic and the increase in work-from-home options, Tyler has become a landing place for those who no longer have to commute daily to an office space. They’re landing at High Hill Development.

Nestled amongst the piney woods of East Texas, High Hill Development offers an oasis of stunning vacation homes, beautiful scenery, and world-class leisure. The new resort development aims to create the ultimate relaxation and a memorable experience for Texans that are accustomed to the immersive 30A-like experience in Florida.

As we’ve raved about before, High Hill Development near Tyler is a continuation of the slower-paced lifestyle and laid-back luxury of High Hill Farm. The two properties share 180 acres of rolling hills and deep forests in Arp, Texas. 

Guests and residents of High Hill Farm & Development can relax among shared green spaces such as a central park, vineyard, hiking and walking trails, bike trails, and recreation parks. Community pools, pickleball courts, and a nine-hole golf course will also be available.

There are plans for a 20,000-square-foot retail space accompanied by an amphitheater for live music, restaurants, and a Top Golf-inspired driving range. Additionally, there will be a chapel at the top of the highest hill to host churches, ministry organizations, and wedding ceremonies. It’s all nestled into the East Texas topography.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in people moving to Tyler from the DFW metroplex,” said Amy Egana, owner and realtor of NextHome Neighbors. “I think people enjoy the lower cost of living without sacrificing high-quality of life. For example, we have great medical care, private and public schools, country clubs — everything you are used to getting in a larger city, but out here in a smaller town with a slower pace of living.”

While High Hill is like a self-sufficient resort with everything you need on-site, residents have all the perks of living near a growing city like Tyler.

Since 1846, Tyler has been known for its small-town charm. What started as a town with a handful of streets and a small courthouse on the public square, has now grown to a city with more than 105,000 residents. You’ll still catch glimpses of the city’s past origins of farming and agriculture, helped along with the railroad and the discovery of oil. But nowadays, Tyler is seeing tremendous growth from folks desiring wider horizons with short-term travel developments, education, and ample health care providers. In fact, University of Texas at Tyler is set to open their new medical school in Fall 2023.

Since the pandemic and the increase in work-from-home options, Tyler has become a landing place for those who no longer have to commute daily to an office space.

“Even with a three-day-a-week commute, living in Tyler is still entirely manageable,” says Jason Romano, founder of High Hill Development.

Tyler Living

Due to the combination of great soil and climate, Tyler is renown for its bountiful gardens. The city is one of the largest producers and providers of rose bushes in the country and features one of the largest municipal rose gardens in the nation. 

Known as the “Rose Capital of America,” Tyler hosts the Texas Rose Festival every third weekend of October and will be celebrating the 89th annual festival this October. The Tyler Rose Garden is open year-round.

Roses aren’t the only flowers prominent in Tyler. The city is also home to beautiful blooms like azaleas, tulips, wisteria, and dogwood which are on full display during the Azalea & Spring Flower Trail. Since 1960, the Azalea & Spring Flower Trail provides a driving tour for visitors to travel through some of the oldest neighborhoods in town and experience the beauty of Spring in Tyler. The tour is comprised of two trails ranging up to eight miles and is held every March and April. 

However, a fall attraction that brings economic support to the community is the East Texas State Fair. The fair is centered around youth development and education as well as charitable purposes. Since 1992, the fair has awarded more than $800,000 in scholarships to local youths. 

While Tyler has many avenues to create a robust economy, the philanthropic backbone of this community is what makes it special. Many residents enjoy giving back to the community that has given them so much joy, friendship, and memories over the years. 

You won’t have to drive through the town long before you see names on buildings honoring donors — organizations like the Caldwell Zoo, which was founded by a devoted Tyler family, and other non-profits and churches that give back to the community. 

“There’s just something about Tyler that draws you in,” said Henry Bell, president of Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce. “I’m a 5th generation resident on both my mother and father’s side. And while this area has seen tremendous growth over the past 50 years, there’s still that small-town charm that has been here since the start.” 

Henry and I spoke the week before he celebrated his 50th high school reunion. He recalls when there was only one Whataburger in the entire town. Within those 50 years, he mentioned the population has doubled in size, at least… 

Big-town amenities and small-town charm: Tyler is the perfect blend 

For those wanting to spend more time in the great outdoors, Tyler is home to Tyler Lakes, Tyler State Park, and The Boulders at Lake Tyler. Visitors can camp, canoe, fish, hike, and paddle boats on the lakes. Since 1949, Lake Tyler has been a major water supply and source of recreation for the community. 

Of course, the great outdoors is also the pull of High Hill Farm & Development. Since 2013, the Romano family has been planting roots amid great Tyler-esque topography in one of Texas’s most stunning areas. 

High Hill Farm is unique as it provides something for everyone — a corporate retreat, couples getaway or just a weekend visit.

“Our hope is that High Hill will provide the community of Tyler a one-of-a-kind experience, filled with high-quality memories of entertainment and dining,” said Romano. “Tyler creates a great atmosphere for guests looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. We are excited to continue to see the Tyler community embrace all that High Hill is and will become.”

The natural beauty of East Texas is enough to get you to visit. But the rolling hills, rich soils, and cooler summer temperatures make High Hill a most desirable place to call home.

Visit High Hill Development to learn more about the master-planned community of luxury homes and full-service resort.