Why Was Ladybug At The Wolf’s Wedding In Bullet Train?

Bullet Train reveals that Ladybug was at The Wolf’s wedding, but why was Brad Pitt’s character there, and what was his mission? Here’s what is known.

Why Was Ladybug At Wolfs Wedding In Bullet Train

Wolf’s wedding plays a pivotal role in Bullet Train‘s story, but why was Ladybug there? Brad Pitt’s 2022 action comedy weaves a complex story built around his lead hitman and a series of misunderstandings as he gets back in the field. This includes Ladybug encountering The Wolf (Bad Bunny) aboard the train, but the movie also reveals that this is not the first time they have crossed paths. Ladybug was at Wolf’s wedding, which turned from a day of celebration to a tragic event when everyone in attendance suddenly died.


After Bullet Train shows The Wolf’s bloody wedding that sets him on a quest for revenge, the movie does briefly show that Ladybug was in attendance. He infiltrated the wedding and posed as a waiter, which is when he accidentally bumped into The Wolf and spilled wine on his jacket. Bullet Train also confirms that Brad Pitt’s character was not the one responsible for killing all these people in David Leitch’s movie. However, it is never explained why Ladybug was at The Wolf’s wedding in the first place, leaving it as one of the movie’s big unanswered questions.

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Possible Reasons For Ladybug Being At The Wolf’s Wedding

Ladybug looking confused in Bullet Train.

The only possible reason given for why Ladybug was at The Wolf’s wedding in Bullet Train is El Saguaro. The Wolf mentions that the assassin who killed him also killed his wife, but the name does not ring any bells for Ladybug. It is only after talking to his handler Maria (Sandra Bullock) that she informs him that El Saguaro is the cartel boss who was in The Wolf’s wedding. She insinuates that El Saguaro may have been Ladybug’s target and reason for him infiltrating the wedding celebrations. Considering Maria’s immediate recall of the cartel boss’ presence at Ladybug’s old mission, she could have sent Ladybug there to kill him.

Even if El Saguaro was the target, it appears that Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train protagonist Ladybug might have been in the dark about his assignment. He may have been the backup plan to take out El Saguaro and others at The Wolf’s wedding if Hornet’s methods failed. This would indicate some level of cooperation between Ladybug and Hornet’s handlers to pull off this plan. However, it is also possible that they were sent to kill El Saguaro individually and it was only after Hornet’s poison started to take effect that Ladybug left The Wolf’s wedding to not get involved in the aftermath.

Ladybug Being At The Wolf’s Wedding Makes Bullet Train’s Mythology Deeper

bullet train footage from cinemacon with brad pitt and bad bunny

The reason why Ladybug was at The Wolf’s wedding might not be explained before Bullet Train’s ending, but the history between the characters smartly makes the movie’s assassin mythology deeper. It is one of many ways that the characters featured are connected in terms of their backstories and motives. Bullet Train‘s connectivity helps the movie’s world be intertwined, which could be good news for any sequels or spinoffs. It establishes a path for future characters and missions to also be tied to the larger world and Ladybug’s past.

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