‘Why was she even invited?’


A woman has faced a backlash for wearing a white dress to another person’s wedding.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, @imlostplsfindme, filmed a woman at her sister’s wedding. The guest could be seen wearing a long white dress and dancing at the event. The TikTok user also noted how the woman’s dress had a “train” on it, which was “pinned” up.

“This cruella attention seeker wore a white gown with a train that’s right now pinned up to my sister’s wedding,” the text over the video reads.

As of 16 March, the video has more than 1.5m views, with TikTok users in the comments shocked by the woman’s outfit choice, as she’s not the bride.

“I would have had her blocked at the entry of the door,” one wrote.

“Wearing a white dress to someone’s wedding [tells] more about them than you can expect,” another viewer said.

Others acknowledged how many guests were engaging with the woman in the white, one of which said: “The fact that everyone is hyping her up too is just another level of disrespect.”

Multiple viewers shared how they would have reacted in this situation.

“If it was my wedding, whatever, I wouldn’t even bother but to my sister’s wedding?” a commenter said. “No ma’am you’re having a glass of red wine thrown at that dress asap.”

“Should have kicked her out before the wedding ceremony,” a viewer noted. “This [is] the equivalent to spitting in one’s face. IMO.”

Some viewers even revealed that they’ve been to weddings where a guest wore white and what was done about it.

“This happened at my cousin’s wedding when I was a kid,” a TikTok user added. “My grandpa paid me $500 and a My Size Barbie to ‘fall’ into the lake with her during pictures.”

In a follow-up video, @imlostplsfindme shared an image of the wedding guest’s face, upon request from a viewer.

The Independent has reached out to @imlostplsfindme.