Why wasn’t Earl Spencer at Lady Amelia’s wedding? Inside bride’s troubled relationship with father

Lady Amelia Spencer, the niece of the late Princess Diana, recently tied the knot in South Africa. The wedding has garnered quite a bit of attention, but it wasn’t necessarily for all the right reasons. Lady Amelia Spencer’s father, Earl Spencer, was notably absent from the ceremony, leaving many people wondering why he wasn’t there.

Earl Spencer is known to have a troubled relationship with his daughter, one that has been plagued by controversy and rumors for several years. The reasons for their rift are not entirely clear, but it seems to stem from a combination of factors that have slowly driven a wedge between them.

One of the main factors that have led to the strained relationship between Lady Amelia and her father is her marriage. Lady Amelia is married to a man named Greg Mallett, whom Earl Spencer reportedly disapproves of. Mallett is a South African national, and it is believed that Earl Spencer did not approve of his daughter marrying someone from outside their social circle.

It’s not the first time that Earl Spencer has had an issue with one of his children’s spouses. When his eldest daughter, Kitty, got married in 2018, he was similarly absent from the ceremony. At the time, rumors suggested that he disapproved of her marriage to fashion mogul Michael Lewis, who was 11 years her senior.

Another factor that may have intensified the rift between Lady Amelia and Earl Spencer is the legacy of their late mother, Victoria. Victoria Spencer was known to have a close relationship with her children, and her untimely death in 1997 deeply affected them.

Her death also placed a huge burden of responsibility on Earl Spencer, who was thrust into the spotlight following the tragedy. In the years that followed, he became increasingly protective of his children, perhaps to the point of overcompensating.

The tragic events of 1997 also played a role in the way that Lady Amelia and her siblings were brought up. Earl Spencer reportedly became very strict and controlling, which may have led to conflict between him and his children as they got older.

Lady Amelia, in particular, has not always been shy about expressing her frustration with her father. In 2011, she told the Daily Mail that she found Earl Spencer’s overprotectiveness stifling and that she felt like she was “living in a bubble.” She also revealed that she had been diagnosed with an eating disorder as a teenager, something that may have been exacerbated by the pressure she felt to live up to her family’s expectations.

The fact that Earl Spencer was not present at Lady Amelia’s wedding is undoubtedly disappointing for her and her family. Still, it is clear that there are underlying issues that need to be addressed before any kind of reconciliation can take place.

It’s possible that Lady Amelia’s marriage could be the catalyst for a more significant reconciliation between father and daughter. With time, it’s possible that Earl Spencer will come to accept Greg Mallett and welcome him into the family.

Alternatively, Lady Amelia and her siblings may need to take a more active role in repairing their relationship with their father. Clear communication, an understanding of one another’s perspectives, and a willingness to compromise are all essential components of any healthy relationship.

In the end, it’s essential to recognize that no family is perfect, and every family has its issues. Like all families, Earl Spencer and his children will undoubtedly face challenges along the way. Still, it’s important to remember that with patience, understanding, and a willingness to work together, any relationship can be healed.