Wife Accuses Jeweler of Giving $6K Wedding Ring to Wrong Person—Who Sold It

A woman in Kentucky has been left wedding ring-less after taking hers into a jewelers for a small repair. She and police say the store gave it to someone else by mistake.

Jessica Piper reached out to the local community in an attempt to get her ring back, which she told Newsweek has since been sold through Snapchat. As per a police report seen by Newsweek, the customer that received her ring told officers that he sold it through the social media app for $500.

Piper took her ring to a Kay Jewelers in Bowling Green, Kentucky but got a shock when her partner of 13 years went back to pick it up.

“My husband goes in to get my ring and they tell him the ring has been picked up and they don’t have a ring to give him,” Piper told Newsweek. “So they tell him it must have been misplaced and let them get back with us to let us know what is going on. And my husband left without my ring.”

Neither Piper nor her husband had received the ring, meaning the $6,200 ring was now in the hands of a stranger.

The couple reportedly filed a report with corporate at Kay Jewelers and contacted Bowling Green Police too. The investigation, according to the report, found that a Kay Jewelers employee had simply made an error with the ring and given it to a man who was picking up his own ring valued at $224.99.

The man didn’t return Piper’s ring, however, and reportedly told officers that he didn’t realize it was the wrong ring upon taking it home, despite them looking different.

“As far as updates goes, it’s still under investigation. The officer did speak with the man and was told [he] and his wife divorced and then he sold the ring through Snapchat and he’s unable to recall who he sold it to,” Piper told Newsweek.

The man’s Snapchat account has since been deleted but police say they have submitted a preservation letter to Snapchat for the account.

Piper is now hoping to get the ring back, especially as this month marks 13 years since she and her husband got together and four years since they got married. For now, she is receiving a replacement ring from Kay Jewelers but is yet to choose it.

“So a police report has been filed and we’re waiting to hear more news from the commonwealth attorney,” said Piper.

Piper should not give up hope, as lost rings have been recovered in even more trying circumstances.

Last year, a man in Hawaii was reunited with his wedding ring a year after losing it while cliff jumping. Despite spending the next month searching for it in the area using a metal detector, he was unsuccessful.

When another couple went cliff jumping at the same cliffs, they noticed the gold band on a rock and posted it on TikTok. Thanks to the video, the ring was reunited with its rightful owner.

Newsweek has contacted Kay Jewelers for comment.