Will we get wedding tease?

We may not love to think about it, but we’re a long ways away still from When Calls the Heart season 10 premiering on Hallmark Channel. Based on the previous announcement, we’re getting it come Sunday, July 30. Sure, it is nice to know already that we have that season 11 renewal, but that doesn’t help when it comes to the next few months!

What this long wait does right now is leave us in a place where we’re left to think about a trailer and/or what sort of things could be included in it. Given where things left off at the end of season 9, won’t the state of things with Elizabeth and Lucas be a focus?

Given that these two characters are now engaged, it does feel like a wedding will happen at some point in the new season. This is inherently a romantic show and with that in mind, it’d make almost no real sense for the writers to avoid the possibility of this. Yet, at the same time we’re also not sure that they are going to want to rush it along, either. Weddings are often the sort of thing that you want in your finale, and not so much a thing that you use to kick off a season. There is a lot of drama that you can cultivate leading up to it!

At the end of the day, we do believe that Hallmark will at least hint at a wedding in a full When Calls the Heart trailer, but they may be hesitant to show the ceremony itself. After all, this enables them to leave something to the imagination and we tend to think that, for at least the immediate future, they want to keep some things hidden. They can, after all, hype up the romance without featuring the ceremony.

Of course, who knows what a potential wedding would look like? We do think there will be a real effort to make it different from anything we have seen before.

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What do you think is going to be featured in an upcoming When Calls the Heart season 10 trailer?

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