Wine Connoisseurs, in Coupling, Discover the Perfect Blend

Anthony Zraly was signing paperwork on his first day of a sales job at T. Edward Wines and Spirits in Manhattan, in January 2019, when he noticed David Keith Henderson sitting at a nearby desk. Hoping to get the attention of Mr. Henderson, who goes by Keith, Mr. Zraly started speaking loudly about his interests, including his affinity for long trail runs.

It worked. Mr. Henderson, who then worked in operations for the company, said that he “felt a gravitational pull” toward Mr. Zraly while listening to him. They soon began to communicate their mutual attraction through stolen glances at the office.

Two months later, in March, the pair found themselves together during a work event at the Waverly Inn in the West Village. “Everyone started to disperse, and it was just the two of us left,” Mr. Henderson said. “Neither of us was ready to go home that night.” Before it ended, he added, “we had our first kiss right down the street.”

Both say that kiss kick started their courtship, which their employer had no guidelines against.

On early dates, the two bonded over a shared passion for wine, food and European house music; both are fans of the German DJ Christian Löffler. Mr. Henderson, who is from Tucson, Ariz., said that he had never met anyone who rivaled his knowledge of dance music like Mr. Zraly, who grew up in New Paltz, N.Y.; his father, Kevin Zraly, started the Windows on the World Wine School.

They officially became a couple in June 2019, when Mr. Zraly asked Mr. Henderson to be his boyfriend after surprising Mr. Henderson with Cameo messages from some stars of Bravo’s reality show “Below Deck” as a birthday gift.

As their relationship progressed, they would take weekend getaways to visit Mr. Zraly’s family in New Paltz and to other parts of the Hudson Valley. On one memorable date, Mr. Henderson paired vintage champagne with takeout fried chicken; on another, Mr. Zraly made his family’s Sunday gravy recipe.

After the pandemic arrived in 2020, the couple moved in together, into their current apartment in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Mr. Zraly, 30, who graduated from St. Andrews in Scotland, is now the business development lead at T. Edward Wines and Spirits. Mr. Henderson, 33, is the vice president of operations at the Perfect Wellness Group, which designs and outfits residential and commercial spas, in Manhattan.

Moving in together, Mr. Henderson said, “was a crash course on getting to know each other on a deeper level.” Their early days living under the same roof were spent preparing elaborate dinners with wine pairings, exploring their new area and dancing to the sets that DJ Fleetmac Wood would play virtually on Fridays during the pandemic.

Less than a year later, in January 2021, they became engaged at a dinner for two that Mr. Zraly had arranged on the rooftop of the now-closed NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. After opening bottles of 1991 and 1988 Bordeaux — chosen to commemorate their birth years — Mr. Zraly dropped two jewelry boxes on the table. Each contained a platinum Cartier Love ring.

“I’ll never forget that moment,” Mr. Henderson said. “I was hyperventilating. I remember asking: ‘Is this when I say yes?’”

They were wed July 5 at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau by Madeline Plasencia, a staff member of the New York City Clerk’s Office. Mr. Zraly’s mother, Ana Fabiano, was the only guest. Afterward, the couple celebrated at an intimate lunch at the restaurant Jean-Georges near Columbus Circle.

The next day, they set off for a joint bachelor party in Ibiza, Spain. Then came a three-day wedding celebration at the Hotel Marqués de Riscal, a winery and hotel in Elciego, which is part of Spain’s Rioja wine region.

The festivities, which included a bar crawl, a visit to the area’s Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture and a white-dress welcome party, were capped off with a wedding celebration on July 16 at the hotel. Harrison Zraly, Mr. Zraly’s younger brother, led the couple in a ceremony before 120 guests, who later enjoyed a six-course dinner and dancing to tunes spun by DJ Fleetmac Wood.

In a surprise to the couple, their favorite Champagne house, Billecart-Salmon, sent jeroboams of wine for the occasion. The newlyweds put them to good use.

“We ended our wedding by sabering off a bottle of Billecart-Salmon brut rosé into the vineyards — an explosive pop of a cork over the vineyards that symbolically showed us embarking on this life journey together,” Mr. Zraly said.