Woman Announces Her Engagement By Posting Her Wedding Registry

Congratulations! You just got engaged! Do you announce it by A) taking a photo for Instagram, B) calling your parents, or C) posting your wedding registry on Facebook?

If you picked A or B, then you’re unlikely to be shamed in the same way that one woman was after she announced her engagement (and subsequent wedding) via Facebook.

She immediately posted her wedding registry after her engagement announcement on Facebook.

Posted to the “r/weddingshaming” subreddit, one woman clearly thought it was tacky of her “acquaintance from high school” to post her “registry as a status for 1000 of her closest friends.”

“On January 31st, my best friend asked me to marry him, and I said YES!” read the post.

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“We are registered on Amazon at,” followed by the link to their Amazon wishlist (which was blocked out).

What seems particularly interesting, and what really jumps out immediately, is that this just seems like an excuse to post the registry.

The post on Reddit was made on March 2, 2023, and the post on Facebook was uploaded the day before — March 1, 2023 — which means that they spent the entire month of February… making the registry?

This would be fine if they had originally made an announcement right after the actual engagement and this was just to announce the registry — but that isn’t the case.

Thanks to responses from the original poster, we know that the announcement of the registry and the engagement announcement were joined together.

Of course, this woman likely announced the engagement to her closest friends and family before making this post on Facebook, but that doesn’t change how it looks to everyone else on the internet.

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Commenter questioned the woman’s intentions with her announcement — was it all just to get gifts?

“We don’t have a date or a venue or have even made a guest list, but the first thing I did was go on Amazon to make sure people buy us s–t,” one comment read.

“Most of you won’t be invited to the wedding, but all of you are invited to buy us something!” read another.

Many people claimed that they would have said something along the lines of “I’ll await your invitation before I view the registry” in order to secure their worth as a guest at their wedding.

“I didn’t even expect gifts from the people that WERE INVITED to my wedding,” another user wrote. “I don’t have the audacity in me to even imply people who barely know me to buy me something. This is every level of embarrassing.”

However, one (more thoughtful) person shared exactly why they believed the audacity of this post was so embarrassing and tacky.

“So what I find tacky about this is that it is nothing other than an excuse to post the registry,” they wrote. “There’s no real text, no engagement with people whatsoever, no mention of a party, nothing about the proposal or the partner. The first and it seems the only thing this person has thought about is getting those gifts.”

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That was something that threw a lot of people off as well — there wasn’t even a photo attached to the post.

Where’s the ring? Where’s the fiancé? Where is the happy couple??

All anyone saw on Facebook was a link to their Amazon registry, and hopefully, they won’t be surprised when all they see in their mailbox is a collection of dust.

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