Woman deemed ‘bridezilla’ over her major wedding venue complaint

A woman went head-to-head with a wedding party that tried to take over her husband’s birthday party. She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share her story. She planned a surprise party for her husband months in advance. She even paid to reserve a rec room in her apartment complex. But on the day of the birthday party, an entire wedding party showed up claiming it was their space. “The group suggests I move to the next day,” she wrote. But they had plans the next day, so that wasn’t possible. The concierge made the wedding party move since the reddit poster had a reservation and deposit, and her husband’s party went as planned. “Today a neighbor and I were unlucky enough to be in the elevator with the bride, when getting out she audibly muttered ‘b****’ at me,” she said. “I filled her in on the drama. She sides with the couple, saying I should have just moved our party to the grills since it was only a birthday”. Reddit users thought the wedding party was at fault. “Bridezilla should have actually planned her wedding,” one user said