Woman Feels Betrayed by Bride Upstaging Her Wedding Centerpieces. How Do You Feel?

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 5, 2023

Just recently, a woman we’ll call Jennifer shared how she makes charming floral arrangements for friends, family, and events. She recalled a family friend named Sadie asking her to make floral arrangements for the guest’s tables at her wedding.

Jennifer admits to not being close friends with Sadie or anything like that. Still, she had no problem helping out a family friend. After agreeing to work with her and ironing out the arrangement details, Jennifer verified that the bride-to-be didn’t want anything arranged for the bridal table.

Sadie didn’t want anything for her bridal table because “she said that was already covered.” But, as a good gesture, Sadie invited her to the wedding.

The Big Day

Upon attending the event, Jennifer said she was extremely pleased with how her work turned out. In addition, she felt her art looked terrific. When she noticed the beautifully designed centerpieces on the bride’s table, she knew that Sadie had made these.

Jennifer inquired who made them, and Sadie answered she made them herself. She continued that she wanted to make all the arrangements on her own, but as the bride, she didn’t have time to make them for all the tables. That’s the reason she employed her.

Jennifer then admits feeling a little betrayed “because her centerpieces were much nicer than mine.” People were asking more about the bridal table centerpieces than the ones she made.

She then stated that she held her tongue at the moment but later politely texted Sadie to let her know how she was feeling after the ceremony. In the text, Jennifer gently explained how she felt undermined due to Jennifer “having such showy centerpieces.”

Jennifer demanded an explanation why Sadie was not “upfront about the bridal table.” She explained this was the parameters of their initial agreement. Sadie further reassured Jennifer that she was not trying to spoil her efforts.

Even still, Jennifer felt that she didn’t tell her the whole plan initially. Sadie began to get upset, then told her there was nothing to be upfront about, and she was overstepping her bounds.

This statement was the final straw; Jennifer was now angry and did not understand why Sadie was mad about her centerpieces. So Jennifer asked the internet how they felt. Here is how the internet responded.

You Knew The Bridal Table Wasn’t Your Gig

“Looks like it was made clear you were doing the guest tables. That means you knew the bridal table wasn’t your gig. You’re complaining about being upstaged at a wedding. By the bride!”

Another added, “It’s normal for the bridal bouquet or bridal table decorations to be more ornate than the others. However, the more I think about it, I can’t believe the audacity for you to consider the bride wanting to make herself an ornate decoration for her table to somehow be about upstaging YOU.”

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Total Lack of Maturity

“You’re upset the bride upstaged you. The bride you hardly know at her wedding? She asked you to do something, and when she said the bridal table was covered, it was clear that she would already have nicer centerpieces for the bridal table. The fact you were even upset by it shows an incredible lack of maturity.”

Insecurity Clause

Finally, one shared, “She wasn’t ‘undermining’ anything; she just wanted more extravagant centerpieces for the bridal table.

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If you want to make centerpieces for friends in the future, you should ensure they know you have a rule that they can’t have anything nicer than what you make. I move to call this the Insecurity Clause in their vendor contract.”

What do you think? Does this Reddit centerpiece woman sound like she has a legitimate reason to feel “betrayed?” Or is this one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard?

This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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