Woman Gatecrashes Her Brother’s Wedding, Gets Mixed Reactions

Posted on December 9, 2022, the video has amassed 3 lakh views on Instagram

A woman who recently moved to the UK was upset that she couldn’t attend her brother’s wedding. However, the thought of not attending her brother’s wedding left her heartbroken, so she decided to take the next flight back to India and surprised her family at the wedding.

The video of Shraddha Shelar gatecrashing her brother’s wedding is going viral on the internet. Posted by her on Instagram, the video shows Ms Shelar rushing to the wedding stag amid the crowd. The clip shows her parents jumping in joy and moving to hug her.

The caption of the video reads, “The story behind the shocking surprise..! Family is very important no matter wherever you are you have to be there for them in every situation is what i feel..!”

She added, “@krunalsaindane @vurshaa you guys were a great help for making this shocking Surprise successful.@shelar_sagar @aayeeshivani anything for you guys anytime My mom dad are my life and they made me cry with there happiness and there happy tears ….duuhhh.”

Watch the video here:

Posted on December 9, 2022, the video has amassed 3 lakh views on Instagram and over 42,000 likes. However, the video triggered an array of reactions on Instagram. While a few got emotional after watching the video, others did not like the surprise entry and many argued that it shifted the focus from the bride.

A user wrote, “I kinda feel for the bride. The attention. Affection and all limelight should be on her. I understand the love for her brother but the timing could have been different.”

Another user wrote, “Don’t you think it was the bride’s day and your brother’s day and you should not have stolen the limelight and attention they should have got? Attending someone/ wedding with a surprise can be repeated but your own wedding mostly cant. To me, this surprise felt totally inappropriate. If you flew the day before that much surprise was good enough you should have gone home. Sorry did not enjoy the post.”

The third user commented, “We live in an era where attending brothers marriage is act of surprise, strange times these.”

The fourth user wrote, “Made me emotion really dad hug was really can’t control my tears….”

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