Woman Gets Dumped Right Before Her Wedding, Cashes Out The Ring And Their House, Goes On 2 Vacations

When relationships end, people realize that this was the best decision for them as if there is no mutual understanding or love, why continue? But that doesn’t mean that separating from a person that you were used to being with isn’t painful.

People have different ways of coping with this pain, but TikTok user laciiiegeesrna or just Lacie Gooch had quite a unique way of dealing with it. She went on the honeymoon she was supposed to go on with her future husband, she sold the wedding ring and went on another trip, and after all of this, she had more money left as she got their house.

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Woman gets dumped the day before her wedding and although she’s sad, she gets the best of it

Image credits: @laciiiegeesrna

Lacie Gooch is currently in nursing school to become a critical care nurse and she shares a bit of the realities of being a student or working as a nurse as she already has experience in the field. She also participates in various TikTok trends and one of them made her go viral.

The woman stitched a video with _sadielane who asked “What is the pettiest thing you’ve done after a breakup?” Her own story went pretty viral with 426k views, but even more people, 9.2 million, to be exact, watched Lacie’s video.

First of all, her breakup story is pretty bad. Her now ex-fiancé told her that he didn’t love her anymore the day before the couple was supposed to get married after 5 years of being together. He had known this for months, but decided to talk about it when everything was already planned.

That means the bride already had her dress, the venue was booked, guests had adjusted their time to attend the wedding and everything else was set. Actually, Lacie’s mom was the one who was paying for all of it, so she lost about $30k that she can’t get back.

After 5 years of being together, Lacie’s fiancé decided to confess that he was no longer in love with her

Image credits: @laciiiegeesrna

Overall, Lacie is not mad at her ex-fiancé for not wanting to marry her, because if he doesn’t love her, what’s the point? Nobody wants to go through a divorce or live miserably without a spark between them. However, she did get mad that he told her about his feelings at the last minute.

That’s why she tried to make the best out of it and the first thing she did was go on the honeymoon trip that the fiancé’s parents were paying for. They just gave the couple the money which was put into Lacie’s bank account and she decided that instead of being sad in Nebraska, she would be sad in Iceland.

Lacie went on that trip with her mom and had the best time. The next thing she did after she rested in Iceland was to return her engagement ring and the wedding band because she didn’t want them.

The jeweler explained that in the state of Nebraska, because the fiancé gave her the rings, they were a gift, so now they belong to her. In this case, the store could exchange the rings or refund her. Lacie decided to get the money back and found out that her ex-fiancé had lied about their worth, but she wasn’t upset about not getting more money. It was the fact that the man lied to her.

He did so the day before the wedding, when everything was already set and paid for

Image credits: laciiiegee

Image credits: laciiiegee

To heal her soul further, Lacie went on another trip with the money she got for the rings. It was a two-week trip to the Virgin Islands, after which she continued taking care of her heart. The woman burned her dress and let go of all the negative emotions.

The last thing to do was to get rid of the house that the couple bought. Backstory for this is that Lacie paid the whole down payment because her ex-fiancé spent all his money on a trip “with the boys” a month before the purchase. So it was only fair that because the man didn’t contribute to it, she could do whatever she wanted with it.

Besides, her family spent so much money on the wedding while he knew he didn’t love her and he watched them without saying anything. So Lacie sold the house and used that money for a breast augmentation operation.

So the woman decided to go on the honeymoon to Iceland, but invited her mom, who was the biggest contributor to the failed wedding

Image credits: Kurt Farrar (not the actual photo)

She also got some money from selling the engagement and wedding ring, which she spent on another trip

Image credits: @laciiiegeesrna

While Lacie took active steps to heal and recover from her breakup, she was distraught at first. It sounds like she was really strong and moved on quickly, but it took time and she had to put her life back together after it shattered.

In the Instagram post of the wedding dress burning, Lacie wrote, “Living in a world where social media is so powerful and trying to conquer this mess my life is in right now is tough. However, I’m trying my best to keep it real and honest with everyone. Yes, I burned my dress and it felt AMAZING and totally helped the healing process. But what you didn’t see was nights before I put my dress on alone in my apartment and cried. And cried… and cried.”

It wasn’t a steady road at all: “When I think I’m okay for a second, the wind creeps in and whisks it away faster than I can grab it to hold it down.”

Fortunately, she managed to get back to her happy self and met a new person who she claims “treats her like a queen.” Not only that, he supports her in her dreams and that is why she is pursuing further education. In her viral video, she also mentioned that she got a new job, which is also always exciting.

She healed by burning the dress and allowing herself to love and be loved again

Image credits: Francisco Osorio (not the actual photo)

Image credits: laciiiegee

While a breakup is traumatic to go through at all, Lacie is now happy and this experience, however unpleasant, changes people and can make them even stronger and better. Ty Tashiro and Patricia Frazier from University of Minnesota found that if a person successfully recovers, they tend to “be happier, more socially active, more confident and less distressed.”

Other positive changes mentioned were feeling more confident, knowing what one wants in their partner, feeling better at communicating, realizing how important their friends are, etc.

You can listen to Lacie’s story in the video below

@laciiiegeesrna #stitch with @_sadielane and now i have a babe of a bf who treats me like a queen. I should honestly thank my ex cause im the real winner here 😏 #fyp ♬ original sound – Lacie Gooch

It seems that Lacie is doing much better and can now look at the situation at ease, as evident from the TikTok video she made. We would like to know if you would have done the same and if you have your own petty things you did after a breakup, let us hear about them in the comments.

People in the comments were impressed at how Lacie hadled everything and applauded her actions