Woman marries the color pink in historic New Year’s Day Las Vegas wedding • GEEKSPIN

Kitty Kay Sera, aka the Pinkest Person in the World, kicked off 2022 by marrying the color pink in an elaborate wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.

The historic event, which is the first-ever nuptial between a person and a color, took place on January 1st in one of the city’s most famous sites for quick weddings, the Little White Wedding Chapel. Sera arrived at the chapel’s iconic Drive-Thru Tunnel of Vows in a pink Cadillac formerly owned by Elvis Presley, and stunned in a pink wedding dress topped with a pink fur coat.

Most of the wedding guests came to the event in pink outfits, with some of them even sporting over-the-top pink wigs.

In a couple of Instagram posts, Sera called her wedding the “best day ever” and the “biggest day” of her life.

Days before the tying of the knot, Sera told KVVU that she would be coming to the nuptial with her “giant pink swatch.” “I actually have a giant pink swatch, like a pink paint swatch, so the colors are like my favorite,” Sera said at the time. “They’re all listed, and I’ll be holding my pink swatch [at the wedding].”

Sera also noted in the interview that she has been in a relationship with the color pink for over four decades. Aside from dressing entirely in shades of pink since the 1980s, she has also decorated all corners of her apartment in pink. From the walls to the ceilings, as well as every piece of furniture and the smallest knickknacks, everything inside her so-called The Pink Palace is in shades of pink. Even her small pet dog, Miss Kisses, is also pink.

In the same interview with KVVU, Sera revealed that the idea of marrying the color came two years ago when a kid skateboarding was poking fun at her for wearing pink. “A kid said to me on a skateboard, he said, ‘Wow you love pink, right?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I love it so much,’ and he goes, ‘You love it so much, why don’t you marry it?’ I thought, ‘This kid’s on to something,’” Sera recalled.

But can you really marry a color? The answer, of course, is no. But it doesn’t seem like Sera considers the wedding as a legal bond, anyway. More than anything else, Sera encourages everyone to do what they love while they still can. “Have fun with it! Have a ball,” she said of pursuing the things you love. “You’re only here for a little bit of time. Have a blast.”

Sera is the latest addition to the growing list of people who have married inanimate objects over the years. The list includes Erika Eiffel who tied the knot with the Eiffel Tower back in 2007; Carol Santa Fe who married the Sante Fe Train Station in 2015; and a Japanese man who exchanged wedding vows with an Artificial Intelligence named Miku in 2020.

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